Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Save Money On Groceries Or Throw Away Your Dollars Your Choice!!!

Today I was thinking of the many ways we can save money while at the grocery store or we may choose to let those pennies and dollars slip through our fingers. It is up to us to either shop smart or not.
I have come up with ten ways so far...
1. Make a menu plan for the week around the items you already have in the kitchen and those that are on sale at the store.
2.Sign up and USE a rewards card if your store offers them.
3.Clip Coupons and once again USE those coupons. There is many times I forget my coupons at home and need to buy that item while at the store.
4.Best to not buy items you know you will not eat even if on sale. Food thrown away because it has expired is throwing away your money.
5.Buy items when on sale... best to make a "price book " so you know what is the best price for the products you use and stock up when on sale if financially possible.
6.Stay away from the grocery store if hungry.
7.Compare unit price so that you are getting the best price per ounce. Some stores even have this information on the shelf price.
8.Buy the store brand if cheaper and it usually is.
9.Use up your left overs.. once again food thrown away is money thrown away.
10.Cut back on meat usage. An example we use in our home is to buy a three pound package of ground beef and divide into 4 meals.

Those are ten ways to save money at the store. I would love to hear of any other items you can think of .

Thanks for stopping by... Lets keep saving together... Grace

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