Monday, April 18, 2011

Thrift Share Monday 4/18/11 Church Spiral Cook Books Found

Well this week went fast for us, I feel I was just sharing about finding the vintage disney material and roly poly glasses and it is another week to share what I found this week.
I am happy to share that both the Disney material sold and is going to Japan and the roly poly glasses sold, plus my Barbie dolls for parts even sold first time out. So we had a good weekend on eBay.

This week was pretty quiet and and I did not find much. I found some books to resell on eBay or Amazon and some more church cook books to sell on eBay.

I am also going through the boxes of vintage jewelry that I have to resell on eBay.
Hope that all of you have a good week on your searches of thrift stores.
I will be sharing this at thrift share Monday.. Grace

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  1. Great finds. Now I'll have to go look up church cookbooks. I come across those often and never consider reselling.