Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Estate Sales ... Searching For Treasures DISNEY FABRIC FOUND

If you have read this blog or my other blog you already know hubby and I suppliment our income by searching for items to resell.
While we mainly look for books we also will look around an estate sale or thrift store just in case some thing catches our interest.

Recently I had read about roly poly glasses by Dorothy Thorpe being featured on Mad Men and that they were desireable on eBay. I had never heard about them but that fact stuck in my head and sure enough I found 2 that look like them at a thrift store.
Now I only have two and 6 or 8 would be more desireable BUT these would be a good addition to a collection or the start of a collection.  I have been trying to find out how you can tell a true Thorpe and a knock off from that time period apart. 
Everyone has there own ideas so I have just listed them with Mad Men in the title and the fact that I do not know whether they are the orginial Dorthy Thorpes or not.

Another little tip I read about was vintage Disney fabric. I happened to mention this to my hubby and even if I think he does not really listen he does I guess. We went to a estate sale and in one bedroom he spotted this vintage Disney fabric and brought it to me. What a guy. I have it up for sale right now and it already has bids .. YEA.
And I finally got my vintage Barbies (good for parts or restored up for sale) I am hoping that they sell first time out.

Bottom line of this post is have fun searching, keep your eyes open and lets all share our little tips with each other of what is hot to sell.
Want to watch these items just go to my eBay link.

Thanks for stopping by... lets keep saving together.. Grace

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