Thursday, March 3, 2011


Hubby and I lover to eat out.. that is no secret. Since we have moved back to Minnesota money is tighter. We do go out to eat at least once a week which is budgeted for ..
Here are some ways that we can cut our eating out bill.

Split It The Meal ... some times hubby and I will split a entree and get a bowl of soup to share.

Fill Up On Freebies I love restaurants that bring out free stuff before you get your food. If you load up on free chips and salsa or bread. Doing this makes it so much easier to share a meal or eat only half and bring rest home.

Avoid Appetizers Since appetizers can cost half or two thirds the cost of your main dish, I always go for the free food instead of paying for an appetizer. Unless I am eating an appetizer as my meal.

Skip the Booze Alcohol has a huge markup. Drink water with lemon.

Spend Less, Tip Less If you spend less on your meal the tip will be less since we tip usually a precentage of the bill.

Take Home Leftovers Since so many restrauants serve large portions I like to eat half of it and bring home the leftovers for a simple dinner or lunch.

Use Your Gift Cards When the children want to know what we would like for christmas I always suggest a gift card to a restaurant. This gives us the opportunity to go out a few more times.

Check Out Free Birthday Deals Take advantage of the restaurants that offer a free meal on your birthday.

Eating out can be fun and saving money is fun also. Do you have any suggestions for eating out for less.

Thanks for stopping by..lets keep saving together .. Grace

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