Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Tuesday Tidy Tip ... teach your CDs their ABCs

Store them in alphabetically order so you will know exactly where to look for the album you want to listen to. It make take a little time at first but once done you will be happy that you have it organized.

Do the same with your movies and evict any that you no longer want. Designate one shelf for your DVDs. Should you get a new DVD get rid of one that you do not care for. 1 in 1 out is the rule to keep your collection under control.

I have a lot of VHSs in my collection. As I find a DVD title of one of my favorite movies I will buy it. The VHS then goes into a box to sell at a garage sale or to donate at the thrift stores.
I need to work at purging my movies and music. I have way to much.

Thanks for stopping by for Tidy Tuesday .. lets keep saving together.. Grace

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