Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Tip for the day.. End Menu Mayhem. Do you have tons of scraps of papers with recipes or printed recipes from the Internet. Get them organized in a short time by finding a free or inexpensive three ring binder and organize them there. You can either just use a hole punch and put them in your binder. For those small pieces of recipes tape them to piece of printer paper, use your hole puncher and add to your binder.

For a few dollars more you can buy Mylar page covers and protect your recipes from smudges. This is what I have done, keeps them clean for years to come.

I have used my binder for years. I love that some of the recipes have been written by friends or family members 20 years ago. I feel they are always near me as I go through my binder.

You can separate your binder just like a cook book is separated so it is easy to find recipes using chicken or your dessert recipes.
Until you get all those recipes organized just put those scraps of papers in a file folder and then organize them in 15 minute periods or maybe during the evening as you watch your tv shows. In this file folder are recipes I have not tried yet. Once I have tried them I decide if it is a keeper. If so they go into my binder right after dinner or if not the paper is recycled.

Hope that this idea helps you get your menu planning and recipes more organized.

Thanks for stopping by... lets keep saving together .. Grace

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