Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I want to be consider weird, I want to live within my means. I want to be able to pay cash for what I want or need for my family.

There are three ways to Live With In Your Means...

1. Increase your income
2. Sell some assets
3.Decrease your expenses

I have worked on all three this week. They may be small changes but baby steps is the way to go says Dave Ramsey.

1.To increase our income we have sold one book on Amazon so far this week. I have some items on auction at eBay and 2 of them have bids.
We sold one item at the antique mall where I have half of a case. It was a key necklace for $10.00. I made several Key necklaces, so that is fun and encouraging to have sold one.
Does not make up for the cost of $36.00 for my share of a glass case for the month of February, but does add a little money back to the checking account.
2. Last Sunday I sold five pieces of silverware at the Gold Guys at the Mall. Thi added $47.00 to the checking account.
3. Yesterday we went and applied for cheaper health insurance for me. We had done this last August and just as I got verbally approved I got sick with a bad infection. We did not go through with the change since I was in the hospital where I stayed for 11 nights. So now we are trying again with the same insurance company. I am hoping for positive results with in 3 to 4 weeks and to report how much money we will save every month. If I am approved our deductible will go to $4,000 and we will need to bank the savings in case I get hospitalized again.

It is Weird Wednesday and we are working at being weird by living within our means. How are you doing? I hope that you consider yourself weird financially also.

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  1. Great post! I wish everyone lived within their means. I don't think people realize how much easier life becomes when the stress of debt is no longer hanging over your head.

    Denise @ Budget Confidential and The Single Saver