Thursday, March 3, 2011

Grocery Shopping Challenge Roundup 3/3

Time to total up what we spent on groceries this last week. Our week runs Friday to Thursday.

I started out at Walgreens. This week deals are slim for me. Nothing I really want and I had Walgreen rewards expiring within a couple of days. Hubby and stopped to see what I wanted to buy so I would not lose the $2.00 in register rewards.
Bought 1 bottle of Dawn dish soap and 2 cans of bumble bee tuna.
After flyer coupons and my $2.00 register rewards
cost me 25 cents out of pocket.
Retail value $5.25
cash out of pocket 25 cents
Then to Target
I went to Target to buy the Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Cereal at $2.99 a box. I used $1.00 Target coupon and $1.00 Kellogg's manufacture coupon bringing the cost down to 99 cents.
Bonus is that on the box is the Try me FREE rebate offer.
We will send in for the rebate as soon as possible. I bought one box for me and then in a separate transaction bought a box for my son to send in.

Besides the 2 boxes of cereal that cost me 99 cents each we also bought
7 frozen items to get the $5.00 gift card. They had 5 banquet pot pies at 64 cents each and 2 small turkey dinners at 84 cents each. I do not normally buy these but with getting the gift card I will put in freezer for a quick easy lunch in the future.
2 Kraft miracle whip on sale at $2.50 before 2 $0. 75 cent manufacture coupon and $1.00 Target coupon. This brought the cost down to $1.25 each.
Total spent $8.37 on food and I received a $5.00 gift card to use in the future plus I have the cereal to send in for rebate for myself and will give my son the other box to send in.

Then off to Cub Foods
Stopped at Cub foods to take advantage of a couple of deals plus we need bread. We picked up
1 loaf of bread $1.49
6 packages of Idaho potato envelopes $1.00 each using (2) $1.00 coupon off 3 packages
4 cans of vegetables 79 cents each using coupon 50 cent off coupon ( this was an expired coupon but my store takes them up to 3 months old)
3 packages of ground beef at $2.99 each using (3) $1.00 off 1 pound that was in a cub booklet making each pound $1.99
1 package of Velveeta $4.99 using $1.00 off coupon print here
2 Philly cooking Cream cheese $2.00 each using (2) coupons for a $1.50 off 1 making each 50 cents print here if still available. I had blogged on this a few days ago.
Total spent $21.14 with savings of $7.50 or 26 percent

1 quick stop at Walgreens for milk at $2.79 cheapest in the area and as we passed a gas station saw Sara Lee bread offered at $1.99.

Total spent for the week was 34.54

I will be sharing this
Thanks so much for stopping by.. lets keep saving together .. Grace

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  1. I bought several boxes of the Crunchy Nut cereal at Publix. It comes in an O shape, so it is a good substitute for Cheerios. Plus it turned the milk orangish, which my kids really liked.

    -- Laura from Frugal Follies