Monday, April 11, 2011

SAVED QUARTER CHALLENGE Week # 14 Making Money On eBay

Time for another week to report Saved Quarter Challenge. Was I able to save any money from my grocery budget to go into savings NO again. Every thing is creeping up and we have been spending time at McDonald's where I can get FREE internet connection. So those cups of coke come out of my food budget.
I am on a limited Internet plan and always come close to my limit. I spend alot of time on the Internet blogging, family tree research and working to sell on the Internet. Hubby and need to stop into Verizon and see how much to move my time limit up.

But I do like being at McDonald's.The table is huge and I can spread out my family research note books. My desk at home is half the size and room does not allow for me to get a bigger table in this small apartment.

We did have a good week selling on eBay but there were no sales at Amazon.
Hubby and I spend several days a week hunting for items to resell, mainly books. We are retired and this is how we suppliment our income.
Hubby found a desirable Bible at a community sale that he bought in a bag for $2.00. Last night he sold it for $43.00. I had some cook books up for sale and last night made about $25.00 off the cookbooks. In total we had sales of $93.00 before any costs.
Any money we clear will go into the budget to help with April.

I plan to be in a craft fair in May and need to spend $38.00 of the $93.00 for my table space.

I hope that your week goes good and that we can have a great week finding and selling on the Internet. I will be linking this up at Saved Quarter Challenge. Visit there to see how others are doing saving money.

Thanks for stopping by... lets keep saving together.. Grace

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