Thursday, June 9, 2011


Good morning everyone
We are getting ready for our garage sale starting tomorrow. I am sorting through STUFF to put out for sale. I have a lot of costume jewelry I have been collecting to resell and have a lot I have not sold or never put out to sell. Lots of stuff not a lot of treasures just little vintage earrings and brooches.
With Mad Men show popular and that time frame popular in decorating and dressing I hope to sell some of my brooches.
Found a pretty pair of earrings last night marked Hobe in a square box. They are now priced at $35.00 and will go into my case in the antique mall. I bought them some time and finally got around to look them up and price.
I have piles of vintage photos and post cards to go through. I have been putting some of them up for sale at a local auction and will continue to do so. Last week I sold a small album with CDV and a few tin types for $75.00.
Right now we are busy working to get our $1,000 deposit together for our new apartment. I think of this as money in the bank we just can not get at it as long as we live in our apartment.
 We are now up to $130.00 in the bank with $870 to go.
Are you looking to build up some cash reserve. Look around your home and see if you could have a garage sale. David Ramsey says " Sell some Stuff" We all have so much Stuff laying around. Time to start collecting  some cash rather than stuff.

Time to get back to getting ready for my garage sale.. thanks for stopping by.. Grace

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  1. Grace,

    I wish you were right around the corner. I have sooooooooooooooooooo many items I could donate to your sale. I keep trying to help those close to me but it seems they wish for no help or are ungrateful. I try to pray about this.

    So many things in storage to give need someone in East TN who is holding a sale and needs more items to sell.