Saturday, December 31, 2011


If you are like me and like to eat out there are ways to do it on the thrifty side.

1. Use coupons when possible. We like to go to Subway or Quiznos and can often find a coupon in the Sunday coupon savers. We carry these in the car in a envelope with other coupons. When the hungers come we can grab the coupon and go.

2. Avoid the beverage will save you some dollars for sure. I do like my soda with my meal but some times the cost is just unfair and I refuse to buy soda or just boycott that restaurant all together. There is a little cafe in Two Harbors Minnesota and we stopped there on Sunday after church. Order the soda with out looking at the price. Will not go back there again because on the menu it even said NO REFILLS. Just bad business in my opinion.

3. Check out the appetizers section. Now this can be costly but again can me a meal for me. I like Famous Daves small size not your normal nachos. To much for me to eat and I end up bringing some home for hubby to snack on next day.

4. Find something on the menu that will reheat up and still taste good. Buy that eat half of it and have left overs for lunch or next night's dinner.

5. Look for daily specials at some of our local restaurants. Famous Daves has hamburgers every Monday for $5.99 in our area. Another place as Spaghetti dinner cheaper on Sunday nights. Just check around and see what is the great deals in your area.

6. One of my favorite ideas is to go to lunch rather than dinner. Prices are normally less.

7. Some times the food is so generous that hubby and I will share or I will order something small and have a little of what he is eating.

8. Get daily deals Sites like Groupon and sell restaurant gift certificates for less than face value you may be able to score a $25 coupon, but pay only $10.

Here are 8 ideas for you to maybe save some money eating out but still have the fun of dining out.

Thanks for stopping by.. hope to see you again real soon.. Lets keep saving together.. Grace

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