Monday, March 26, 2012

eBay Weekend Follow Up 3/26/12

The weekend on eBay was pretty quite. We sold a couple of books and some vintage snap shot photos. 

Sold a nice set of vintage Cinar jewelry but buyer is from Italy.  She has great feedback but I will not ship jewelry over seas unless it is priority mail. This is written in my listing. Hopefully she will pay so I can mail out.
Looking at them at first I thought they were nothing special and almost brought out to local auction. Thank goodness I looked at back of earrings, saw the name Cinar and checked them out on eBay. They sold first time out for $24.95.

Now just waiting for payment.

I have been doing good on vintage snap shots lately.  It is hard to believe what people want and will buy. Snapshots of funerals is popular.  I bought a vintage album at a local auction and there were a few photos there of the gentleman in his coffin and at the cemetery.  I have stretched these photos out to four auctions and have made about $20.00 to $30.00 on this $3.00 purchase. Pictures of cute children usually sell also.

How are your eBay or etsy sales going. Etsy was quite this weekend but I have very little for sale there.  Hope that you have a great week with sales where ever you sell.

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