Sunday, September 30, 2012

Garage Sales ~ Waking To The Smell of Fresh Bread

I love to garage sale with my dh. Hunting for treasures to buy and sell on the Internet. During our hunt a couple of weeks ago I noticed a bread maker that look like it had hardly been used if ever. Asking price was $20.00, I tried to bargain with her but no go with reduced price, I gave in and after giving her a twenty dollar bill it was mine.
Since then I  have been making my own bread. Mix up at night, set the timer and wake to the smell of bread baking. So far we have made 4 loaves and it is better tasting than anything I can buy at the grocery store. 
Our one problem was trying to cut it. We planned to get out the stores to see if we could find something to hold the bread while we cut it.
Well that was solved this last Friday. While at a garage sale I noticed another bread machine for sale and next to it was a contraption to put your loaf of bread in and slots to put your knife to cut the bread nice and straight.  I asked if I could buy the bread slicer only and for $1.00 it was mine.
What a great help this is. My bread is sliced nice and straight and goes into the toaster so much easier.

I am always looking for needed items at garage sales, besides recyling the item I keep the savings in my pocket book.
I look forward to making my own pizza crust soon using my bread maker to mix the dough.

Thanks for stopping by and if you see a garage sale sign I hope that you will take a moment and see if there are any treasures waiting for you.  Grace

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