Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wierd Wednesday ~ Chipping Away At The Budget and our Phone/ Internet Bill

Wierd Wednesday is a post  time where I can share ideas on how I am chipping away at the budget. Our cell phone bill is high. We have 2 phones and 2 lap tops that are wireless.I like to be wireless. That way no matter where we go I have internet access.
I am always going so close to my budget time on my wireless internet time and hubby barely meets half of his limit.

A few minutes spent in at their kiosk at the mall and we combined all time used into one lump time limit and cut our phone internet bill by $30 to $35 a month. That is a savings of over $300 a year.  We now are able to have a small clothing allotment in our budget of $30.00 a month.
That does not seem like much but neither of us are clothes hounds. We are more likely to find a pair of jeans or a t shirt at thrift stores than buying new. Save the money for items we do not want to buy use.

Can you find a way to chip at your budget by a few dollars?
Thanks for stopping by for Wierd Wednesday and Happy Halloween every one.

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