Friday, November 16, 2012

David Ramsey's Baby Steps Update Friday 11/16/12

I love to read David Ramsey's books and listen to his CD's. Once we found a set of his CDs at a yard sale and bought for just a few dollars. After listening to it for over a month we finally sold the set on eBay for a nice profit. I am always on the look out for another set of CDs. Will again refresh myself with his ideas and then resell.

There was a time we were drowning in debt, hated it but did nothing about it. Times have changed and our debt is shrinking and our emergency fund is slowly growing. Our challenge is baby step number 1 and have a $1,000 dollars in the savings account that is not earmarked for nothing else but emergency. We are about half way to that first $1,000 and debt is shrinking to just the car payment and a small loan of $300. Once we get to the $1,000 mark we will put any extra money on the car till paid off. Once the car is paid off I want this money to go into savings towards the time we need another car. Would be nice to have a good chunk to put down on a used car.

How is your savings account is it growing or will it shrink with the holidays around the corner. We plan to shop for gifts on the frugal side and of course there is no credit cards to use so no damage will be done in this catagory.

Thanks for stopping to read about my baby step number 1 challenge. I hope for you that your savings account is growing and your debt is shrinking. Grace

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