Friday, December 14, 2012

ARE YOU A HORDER OF STUFF Do You Think It Is Time To Start Downsizing?

ARE YOU A HORDER OF STUFF Do You Think It Is Time To Start Downsizing? Hubby and I have been asked to help a church member rid them selves of the items in their apartment.  She is about 80 and moved into an assisted living home. She loved to entertain and has about 4 sets of dishes at least. I know of a daily set of silverware and then there was the good silver ware. There is 2 china hutchs full of small pretty items and nice serving dishes. The cupboards are full of more dishes and pots and pans. There is a lot of furniture in this small apartment and the walls have nice art work. Nothing real expensive but nice works. The closets are full of clothes and hats.
We were asked if we wanted to help her sell her items. There are no estate sales allowed in the building so everything would have to be packed up and moved out.
Hubby and I decided it was to much work for us especially with the furniture needing to be dealt with.
We found a friend who deals with items like this. They will make a bid today and part of the deal will be to clean out the apartment of everything.
Our church friend asked us to deal with the silverware and we got a price on that for her.
As I walk into our apartment I look around at everything we have. Alot of it is items we buy to resell. Problem is it takes time to resell some of the items I buy and they pile up around here.
This month with the holidays I have held back on buying alot of stuff to resell. We went to a church sale and bought a bag of books for $5.00. We were fussy with what went into the bag. I have the civil war books up for sale on eBay and have a vintage Childrens Bible History book for sale on ebay with a bid already. My plan is to continue being careful with what I buy and to try to concentrate getting items up for sale as soon as possible.
Yesterday I took several collectible ashtrays to the antique store to resell plus a vintage child's sewing machine in box that I had bought several months ago.
Take a moment and look around your own home. Is it time to start to parting with your extra things?
This time of the year may not be the perfect time to start but it could go on your list of goals for the next year.
Thanks for stopping by. Grace

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