Sunday, January 24, 2016

Selling On eBay 3rd week of January 2016

Sales are slow but are happening.

We are sitting in Nevada selling on eBay. I brought a lot of my stock with us in our stow and go van.

I specialize in vintage paper, books, collectibles , barbies and some jewelry. We have been out to the

thrift stores and the auctions a couple of times but since I have so much stock that is not listed it is

hard to buying any thing unless we know we can sell something fast and for a good profit.

My goal is to increase my sales to work at paying off the van as soon as possible.

We have 1415 items for sale and have surpassed January 2015. sales of  $293

I attempt to list 5 to 10 items daily. Once listed  send to face book public , tweet and pin.

I feel this does help draw some customers to our store on eBay.

Check back later to see how we finished January 2016 and maybe take a minute and look at my

eBay store.  You may find a treasure. Grace

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