Sunday, January 24, 2016

Lets Make This The Best Year Financially Save More Money and To Pay Off The Van

This is the year that I want to pay off our van.  We drive a 2012 Chrysler Stow and Go.  I love my stow and go. Put the seats up and I can drive the grand kids anywhere , put them down and can help a friend or family member move something.

We had 2009 stow and go. All paid off and then BAM we got hit by a 89 year old driver who dozed off. No one was hurt but my paid off van.that was totaled.

Insurance paid us for our van , what it was worth but not enough to get us into another decent stow and go.

Car dealer found us the above car and now we have car payments. We could of bought a cheaper car with the money we had but we want to travel away from the snow and the cold for the winter. Crossing the mountains we wanted something that we could trust.

So we now owe over $13,000 on our van at $261 a month.

I am busy saving my pennies as posted in earlier post of 365 days of saving money. By doubling my pennies every day I will have saved $1135.90. This money go into savings to for any emergencies.

I am also saving dollars every week. First week of saving I put in 1 dollar.  2nd week I added 2 dollars..Every Sunday I put in my weeks dollars.  This week was 7 dollars and have saved $28.00.
As the weeks get bigger it will be harder with having to put away $40, $41 and so on. eBay will help here and I do not have to go in order. If I have a super sale I can add week 52  or week 48 and cross that number off my envelope. May be hard to get some of those dollars in the envelope but anything saved is a positive.

Now to be aggressive and pay off car I will work at building our eBay store to increase the sales.
The profit will be sent to the bank.  The first 1/3 will be added to our pocket book as pay for all the work, 1/3 will be saved future purchases to build the business and 1/3 of the profit will go onto the car loan.

This is my plan, I will post my journey as the year goes by. Thanks for stopping by.

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