Saturday, February 6, 2016

Selling On Ebay Challenge February Week 1 2016

Week 1 of February 2016 is almost at an end. We are in Nevada rather than home state of Minnesota over the winter.  I brought a van load of my paper items to sell on eBay and have been attempting to list every day. My goal is 10 a day but there are some days I do not seem to get any listed.
I am at 1500 items in my store with a large majority of my items being vintage photos and postcards.

This month I am going to work at listing items other than paper most days.  I do well with vintage Barbie items and do have a few to still get up for sale.

Yesterday I went to my first Goodwill Clearance store. Was not as big as I hoped and when a new row of bins came out the women became grabby. They would grab  a pile and throw in their cart or tub.  Lowell found a interest book for 50 cents. Will take a while to sell but started out at $29.99.

I picked out a few items to try out at a cost of $5.40.  I do not sell clothes usually but want to branch out more into that category.

This morning I have rinsed out 3 intimate items and I am putting up for auction tonight.  Nothing valuable but some would be some addition to sales. Will continue to list through the day.

I hope to add a total of 400 items to my store this month. So far I have added 37 items to my store as of last night.  Eight were barbie items rest were postcards. Tonight we will add some clothing items.

Sales for February 2015 was only $265 my goal is to double that.

Hopefully by the end of the month my store will have grown and my sales will have increased. While we are away from home are sales to decrease.

So far for February I have sold 8 items for a total of $38.49. With increased listing will come increased sales, or so I hope.

The last two sales are a old barrel key and pieces from a Star Wars Monopoly game. Both traveled from Minnesota and have been in my store since June 2015.

Thanks for taking time to read. See you soon.

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