Monday, March 14, 2016

Making Money Monday On eBay Selling Vintage Barbie Dolls

This last couple weeks we have been busy selling on eBay. Postcards, Photos and Barbie Items.
I am not a real expert on Barbies but I can identify a vintage barbie doll.
This last week or so I have sold three vintage barbie dolls.

Another Barbie we sold this month was a 1960s brunette Barbie with bendable knees. She sold for $24.95 and the new owner is very happy with her.

The last barbie was a real treasure that I had been holding on to for a couple years. This month I thought was a perfect time to sell her on eBay.  She is a 1958 Blond Pony Tail Barbie that we sold after several bids to $150.50.

The last to sell was a a 1960s Twist and Turn Barbie Doll. I listed at $14.95 and it was bid up to $23.50. Shipped out today for the new owner.

As of today the 14th of March we have sold $330.21 on eBay and have passed February sales.

Will be keeping busy and hope to have a good month of sales.

Thanks for stopping by Grace

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