Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Night Balancing The Food Budget Or How Did We Do This Week

How is your grocery budget going. Are you staying on track, going over or spending less than bugeted every week/ month.

Until the last few months we never had a definite food and gas budget. Then things changed in our home and the budget began. With the budget came reading blogs online and mine began.

I have couponed and rebated off and on for years but never steady, I never tracked our living expenses either. We had our budget to pay the bills and when the money ran out we used credit cards. Now we are living on a cash basis and when the money runs out we are done for the week or month.

I have begun to coupon heavier, to do deals at Walgreens and CVS, to watch for sales at the grocery stores. I watch for rebates on thing we like or want to try and to build up a stock pile of food, paper products and cleaning products.

My week goes Friday thru Thursday. This last week we spent a total of $54.60 on groceries and household items. A lot considering others on line budget $10.00 per week per person and there is only 2 of us. This comes to over $25.00 per person.
I do have a large stock pile of pasta items, laundry soap, personal items. I could go awhile without spending there if I chose.

With menu planning, picking and choosing the deals better and not buying because it is a good deal I may be able to cut this down some. Hubby is pleased that we are budgeting, using cash only and thinks we are doing so much better, and I have to agree with him.
So how are you doing with your budgets. I look forward to hearing from you.

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