Monday, March 30, 2009

Living within a Budget

So many times over the year I have attempted to live within a budget. I have done the math. I add up the expenses and add up the income. I have done the math trying to figure away to pay down the debt. Always looks good on paper but so hard to follow thru for me. This has been going on for over 10 years and here we are still living pay check to pay check. Nothing in the bank and the pay checks never go far enough.
Once again I have added up our income. This can be different month to month due to self employment on the internet which is lower than a year ago. Bottom line is expenses are more than any income that comes in. I go thru the expense column and try to cut it down. Gift giving is very small. Giving to charity is no where near what I would like it to be. Clothing budget is nil we rarely buy anything new. We have basic cable but we want some kind of entertainment. No movie channels just basic. We have given up the land line. Internet and cell phone costs a bit but that is part of the business. We do not drink or smoke any more so no expense there. The one bad habit I have is going out to eat. When we go out to eat we choose to eat at places that cost less than $10.00 each and then eat very little for breakfast and dinner. I do try to use coupons when we go out to eat.
I have been reading Mary Hunt's Cheapskate Monthly paperback that I found at a thrift store. She says there are three ways to change the numbers on your monthly plan.
Increase your income
Sell your assets
Decrease your expenses
As I have shared we are moving to Texas. Not only will this bring us closer to family but I will be working with family which will increase our income. I have been busy trying to get rid of the excess items we have on ebay or garage sale. I live in an apartment so can not have a lot of garage sales.
The only way I know that we can cut expenses is to stop going out to eat. That is what I will work on the month of April. Hope to get the food budget between groceries and eating out smaller than the month of March.
What is the normal for 2 adults a month for food? At one time I had a site that gave out the average for a family of 2, 4 and so on and the amounts for Frugal, Average and above average. I have misplaced this information. If anyone has it I would love for you to comment. I would love to hear how others are cutting their budgets in these tough times.
I know times are tough for us but then I look around and see those that are losing their jobs, those that have lost their homes and are on the street and shelters. No matter how bad things are for us at this time we have some steady income every month and for that I am grateful.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Never To Late to Start continues

Well I have been blogging for almost a month. This has been a tough month for us financially. We are living basically on cash only. No charging on credit cards for the first time in awhile.
We have also been busy trying to sell some of our items so we can move to Texas. So much stuff. I am a pack rat. Sales have been slow at my internet site and at my part time job. I would like to have a sale but our apartment is so small and there is so much stuff hard it is hard to think of having anyone come here. It all seems so over whelming.
We found an apartment in Texas which requires a deposit plus they want a fee of $125.00 called an Administrative fee. Basically paying to have them prepare the paper work. What a gimmick to get more money from us. To top it off they want money immediately to save the apartment. To do this you need to pay on line at their site, oh by the way that is a cost of $19.95 every time you do that. Not once to set it up but every time you pay. Well of course I complained that this is throwing money down the toliet. I have done a lot wrong financially but I rarely used ATM's and I surely to not want to pay this $19.95 fee. After some complaining they agreed to waive it this time for us. The ladies at the leasing office shared that some tenants do this a lot. Hey guys, if you pay your rent every month this way because you do not want to walk to the office that is $239.40 a year.
So much to do before we move at end of April.

Walgreens Deal 3/29 - 4/4

Walgreen's Deals: 3/29-4/4
Here are a few of my favorite deals at Walgreen's this week with thanks to Andrea at Mommy Snacks.
Please note that some deals vary by region, so be sure to read your local ad.
If you are new to shopping at Walgreen's and want more info, check out this thread.~

Weekly Deals ~Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil (20 sq ft) - $0.89/ea with in ad coupon Use $1/1 in 2/8 Smart Source insert Final Price = FREE plus overage
Printer Cartridge Refill - $7.50/eaUse April Easy Saver Rebate #28Final Price = FREE after rebate
Glade Fragrance Collection Candles - $5.99/ea
Use $4/1 Coupon if you printed it on Right at Home last week (no longer available)Use $2/1 Glade Easy Saver coupon
Final Price = FREE after coupons (Thanks, Heather!)
Wal-itin Allergy Relief (30 ct) - $6.99/ea Use April Easy Saver Rebate #10Final Price = FREE after rebate
Chapstick 100% Naturals or True Shimmer Lip Balm or Butter - $1.99/eaGet $1.99 in Register Rewards when you buy 1Final Price = It's like getting this for FREE with RR'sEdge & Skintimate Shave Gel - FREE after RR's (read more details here)
SoftSoap Body Wash - FREE after RR's (read more details here)
Soy Joy Bars - $0.50/eaUse B1G1 Free in 2/22 Smart Source insert Final Price - $0.25/ea when you buy 2Note: You can also print a $1/5 when you sign up here~ Monthly Easy Saver Rebate Deal ~Note: View a copy of the April Easy Saver Rebate book here
One a Day Multi-vitamin Drink Mix (2 ct) - $1.49/ea
Use Easy Saver Rebate #1Final Price = FREE after rebate

New printable coupons TP released a few new printable coupons overnight for toilet paper that I wanted to share with you.
Would be great if you could find 4 packs of Cottonelle where where you could double them.
$0.50/1 Cottonelle Bath Tissue (4 pk +)*
$1/1 Scott Extra Soft Tissue (4 pk +)*
$0.50/2 Cottonelle Moist Wipes (42 ct) or $0.50/1 Refill (84 ct) will be releasing new coupons on April 1st (which is next week all ready!) so if you think you'll use these, I would print them now. They may run them again but who knows.

Target Deals 3/29 to 4/4 Great Pepsi Deal

Target Deals 3/29 to 4/4 (Great Diet Pepsi Deal!)

Target Deals 3/29 to 4/4
Target has printable store coupons on their website. These can be combined with Manufacturer’s Coupons.

Thanks to Marcy @ Stretching a Buck for putting together a great Target list. I have listed the highlights and you can find the rest of the great deals at Stretching a Buck!

Here is a list of the best deals that I see at Target this week.
Please check your local ad to confirm deals in your area as sales can vary by region.
**Note: View information about Target's coupon policy here and here
.~ WEEKLY DEALS ~Market Pantry Fruit Snacks - $1.79-1.99 each Use $1/1 Target coupon here$0.79-0.99 each after coupon
Land O Lakes Butter (1 lb quarters) - $2.00 each Use $0.55/1 here PLUS sign up here and get another $0.55/1 (print 2 in each place)$1.45 each after coupon
Dan Active or Activia Yogurt (4 pk) - $2.00 each Use $1/1 in 3/1 Smart Source insert$1.00 each after coupon------------------------------------------------------------------
Pepsi Products (6 pk bottles, 12 pk cans) - $3.00 each Get a $5 Target Gift Card when you buy 5 . I have seen posts of get a coupon for buy 2 get 1 free. When I try the link I find nothing.
Kashi Heart to Heart Cereal, Cookies, Crackers and Granola Bars - $2.66 each Note: I haven't been able to locate any current coupons for these yet, but this is a good price, especially if you have any $2/1 Kashi coupons in your stash.
Kellogg's NutriGrain Bars (8 ct) - $2.50 each Use $1/2 Target coupon here$2.00 each when you buy 2, after coupon
Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil (75 sq ft) - $2.50 each Use $1/1 in 2/8 & 3/15 Smart Source inserts$1.50 each after coupon
Huggies Baby Wipe Refills (184 or 216 ct) - $5.49 each Use $5/1 Huggies Gentle Care coupon printed from if you still have it (no longer available)$0.49 each after coupon
Dove Deodorant - $3.49 each Use $1.25/1 in 3/15 Red Plum insert$2.24 each after coupon
Garnier Fructis Shampoo (13 oz) - $2.99 each Use $1/1 in 3/8 inserts$1.99 each after coupon

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Recycle and buy Your Dinner

I love Fridays at Vons grocery store. I can buy a rotessarie chicken for $5.00 which is normally $6.99. Today I chuckled when I did not have to open my wallet to pay for my chicken . I love to drink my pop/ soda and of course I always recycle. So today before going to Vons dh and I went to the little shed in the parking lot and traded in our cans and bottles. The young man weighed my loot and then gave me a coupon for $6.75 good at Vons. I bought my chicken and walked out with $1.75. Now of course I know I paid the CVR money when I bought the soda, but instead of throwing those bottles or cans into the trash I did something with them. I bought part of dinner.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Make Meals for Under $10.00

Here is a great site on AOL for meals under $10.00. Let me know in the comments any you have tried that you found enjoyable

Worst 401 K plans

I was visiting some financial sites today and found this at Five Cent Nickel. You will find a link to Five Cent Nickel on the the right hand side of my page. Full of finacial information.
Curious as to how your 401(k) plan compares to others? Business Week just published a list of the worst 401(k) plans based on criteria such as participation rate, default rate, fees, and employer match. The full list includes fifty plans. I’ve listed the twenty worst plans below.
Darden Restaurants
Big Lots
Compass Group USA
Bob Evans Farms
MPS Group
O’Reilly Automotive
Best Buy
Pep Boys
CSK Auto
Whole Foods Market
Bon-Ton Stores
Northrop Grumman
Penske Automotive Group
TCF Financial
The full list is heavily populated with restaurant chains and retailers. Other notable names include Borders, Kohls, Walmart, Burger King, Target, JC Penney, and Home Depot. Is your employer listed?
Oh, and here’s a bit of 401(k) trivia for you… Total 401(k) holdings across the United States stood at $3 trillion at the end of 2007. Fast forward one year to the end of 2008, and… Poof. $2.4 trillion. That’s $600B that just evaporated.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Time to work on our Financial Future

This evening I was searching different blogs on finances, budgeting, money saving tips. This was one I found and thought I would share with you.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Clip Coupons and Save over $6.00 Healthy Eating

Here is the link to Eat Better America. Join and find great healthy recipes and coupons to cut the cost on cereals, Yoguart and Frozen Vegetables.

Save $10.00 at ToysRUS using Pay Pal

Go to the link below and shop at ToysRUs. You will save $10.00 when you spend $75.00 or more and use your pay pal card at check out

Monday, March 23, 2009

Albertsons Grocery Deals 3/25 to 3/31 Dinner meal Plans

Here are My Dinner meal plans based on Albertsons Grocery deals this week

Meal 1 Starts off with "eat Italian tonight..feed a family of 4 for under $9.00."
Moran's fresh ground beef 73 o/o lean $1.89 a pound (Sold in 3 pound rolls for $5.67) ( I do prefer hamburger a little less lean so will compare that price and decide if I want to pay more for my hamburger) use one pound for your Italian dinner. Check out some of my other recipes for the other two pounds later.
Fresh Express Salad Blends 4.5 to 12 oz Select blends $1.99
Wish Bone Salad Dressing 7 to 16 oz Select Varieties $1.29
Barilla Pasta Sauce $2.49 (Buy 2 Barilla Pasta sauce and get 1 Barilla Pasta free (12to 16 ounces free.) Barilla Pasta packages are 10 for $10.00 or a dollar each .. so if you go for free pasta or buy the pasta deal is under $9.00 for dinner.

I would take the other 2 pounds of hamburger , brown and freeze half for my hamburger casserole/ hot dish for later in week and put the 3rd pound in freezer safe container for later in the week for Lowell's Rich Burgers

Meal 2 is Chicken ... tonight would be Albertsons Boneless, skinless Chicken Breasts at $2.99 a pound buying 1 1/2 to 2 pounds for 4 people. Marinate these Chicken breasts for 4 to 6 hours in Wish Bone Italian dressing at $1.29 a bottle. Throw away marinate when ready to cook. Bake in 375 degree oven for 30 to 35 minutes. I would have started some baking potatoes 35 to 40 minutes earlier so that they could cook for a total of 60 minutes or so. Serve bake potatos with sour cream and butter or margarine, a veggie and you will have another dinner for around $10.00 for 4

Meal 3 Tonight is Lowell's Rich burgers ( sloppy joes )for dinner.
Defrost browned hamburger , saute some diced onion, add hamburger and heat. Season with Lawry salt and pepper. Add about 1/4 cup of brown sugar and 6 or 8 oz or so of Heinz or Hunts ketchup to hamburger. Lowell just knows how much he wants so you need to add to your taste. Be careful with sugar if you add to much hamburger gets hard. Simmer slowly so sugar can melt. Cut Hamburger buns browning if desired. ( I usually buy my bread and hamburger buns at Orewheat bread outlet store to save money ) Put a fourth of sauce on each bun, slice a piece of Velveeta Cheese ( buy your Velveeta at Walmart .. best price around costs about $4.65 for 2 pounds ) place on top and top off with other half of bun. The Cheese just melts and is so yummy. To this add some chips and some baked beans ( I like Bushs Beans which usually are more expensive but tastier.. another idea is just take Campbells beans and add ketchup, mustard and a touch of brown sugar ) and it is dinner time for under $10.00 .. Note there was Orewheat bread coupons in Sunday paper ( 3/22 .. I plan to check out Walmarts prices for bread and buns so I can use my coupons if a better price.

Meal 4 tonight is soup and sandwich night.. Grilled Cheese or Grilled Ham and Cheese on toasted bun and Campbell's Tomato Soup ( Walmart usually has the best price and I stock up a few cans when there) . Hormel Cooked Ham is $2.99 a pound, you have the Velveeta Cheese and use left over buns or buy a second package when shopping .. all depends if 6 or 8 buns in your package. Add some of your chips and easy dinner under $10.00

Meal 5 Dinner for 4 under $17.00 tonight.. Lloyd's Barbecue Pork Ribs 36.8 to 37.4 ounces select varieties $10.99 , Albertsons Deli Potato Salad pre packaged varieties 16 ounces $ 2.49 and Fresh Express Coleslaw 10 to 16 ounces select varieties $1.50 add La Brea Roasted Garlic Bread 16 ounces for $3.49. Slice and warm up half and use other half Sunday night Here is a wonderful special dinner ( more expensive than other nights but still cheaper than going out for ribs )

Meal 6 go out , use any left overs, order in Pizza or cook frozen pizza

Meal 7 Is Easy Does it Hamburger Hot Dish / Casserole.. thaw out hamburger that you browned Monday night.. Mix hamburger $1.89 a pound, 8 ounces of cooked Barilla macaroni shells $1.00 and another jar of Barilla Pasta sauce $2.49 . Mix well and then add 8 ounces of Mozzarella cheese and heat in 350 degree oven for 45 to 60 minutes. Albertsons has Sargento Shredded cheese 16 ounces for $4.49. Slice up the other half of your bread and warm in foil in the oven. Add a can or some frozen veggies of choice. This meal deal is around $10.00 using only half the cheese .. You could also buy another Bag of salad $1.99 and use any left over salad dressing and still have it for around $12.00.

Other deals for this week at Albertsons Free Milk your Next Visit ( coupon printed at register up to $4.69 per gallon, maximum of 3 milk coupons per customer )
1 Free Gallon of Milk with purchase of 3 boxes of any Kelloggs Cereal
2 Free Gallons of Milk with purchase of 5 boxes of any Kelloggs Cereal
3 Free Gallons of Milk with purchase of 7 or more boxes of any Kelloggs Cereal
Cereal products must be purchased in a single transaction between 3/25/09 - 3/31/09 with Albertsons Preferred Savings Card ( 10 ounces or larger mix or match ) Cereal selling for $2.38 for select varieties

3 Days only Friday Saturday and Sunday Fresh produce March 27 to March 29th
Fresh Green seedless grapes 79 cents a pound, Large Navel Oranges 39 cents a pound, Fresh Jazz Apples sweet and crisp 99 cents a pound , Iceberg Lettuce 2 for $1 and Fresh Hot House Tomatoes 99 cents a pound.
Albertsons has Bar S Double smoked Sliced Bacon on sale $2.99 12 ounces
Sound like we will have bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches for lunch one day over the weekend. While I am at Walmart will pick up a dozen eggs to go with the bacon for Sunday morning breakfast.

From CouponLoversUnite
Rachael Ray’s Big Orange Book Free with Purchase
You can receive Rachael Ray’s Big Orange Book FREE when you mail in your receipts or UPC codes for one or more of the products listed
Snyder’s of Hanover
Funjet Vacations
Pepperidge Farms, Puff Pastry

please note details
One per customer, Good while Supplies Last and Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery

Mail to: Every Day with Rachael Ray

16 East 34th Street

New York, NY 10016

Attn: Spring Ahead
You will find the complete details at

Pepsi Cola Soda Pop Lovers

Just got back from a quick trip to grocery store. There is not much time for you to shop for your Pepsi cola, but if you have an Albertson Grocery store in your area go now to buy your Pepsi. Sale ends on Tuesday the 24th.
When you buy 3 bottles ( 2.1 quart size ) the cost is $1.00 each plus tax and crv. I would think that it is good on other products put out by Pepsi but I am a cola drinker.
Then of course I do recycle my bottles and cans. There happens to be a recyclers next to my Vons grocery store. They pay out with a receipt to cash in at Vons. I use it towards my grocery shopping. Not only am I helping the earth by not dumping my pop cans and bottles in the dump but I am getting cash to use to cut my grocery budget.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Saving money at your favorite stores

Well so far in the last few days I have found Albertsons giving you a reward to shop there and Kmart and Glamour magazine have paired up ( be sure to read fine print on that one while supplies last) The stores want us to be loyal to them so are offering deals. Keep your eyes open for other places and pass on if you find something interesting

Albertsons Refund Rewards

Albertsons has a Refund Rewards program that I found out about Sunday when I bought my newspapers. Buy an Albertson's gift card for $250, get an extra $20 for free. Buy a $300 card, get $30 added for free. Limit $1250 per household (4/15)

Monday, March 16, 2009

K Mart Deal

Spend $50 at Kmart from 3/10 to 4/30 ... get a gift card for $25.00 to shop at Kmart
go to for information.

Take a look at this week's KMart ads. I see Folgers coffee on sale for $5.99. Diet Pepsi 3 for $10.00 ( ads can vary according to area ) I have seen some quoting the price $3 for $12.00, Charmin and Bounty Paper towels for $7.00 . Kellogg's Cereals 5 for $10.00. Tide $12.00 for 100 fl ounce. or Purex laundry soap.
So grab your Kmart ad, your coupons and find some great deals.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Vons $6.00 Catalina

My daily travels take me past my grocery stores several times a week, so it is easy to stop and take advantage of a deal.
Today they were offering Charmin 12 Big rolls, a package of 8 Bounty paper towels and Gain Laundry detergent. Each was on sale at $6.99. I had a 25 cent coupon for the Charmin and the Bounty paper towels. Vons doubles coupons and of course I had my rewards card. My groceries started off at $31.40 and I was able to reduce that to $21.02. Best of all I received a $6.00 Coupon for my next grocery trip which I will try to do by Saturday if possible. They have a deal on buying Cereal ( honey nut cherrios one of my favorites).

Arby's Roast Beef Burger Free

Free Roast Beef 3/14/09
go to the following link to print your coupon

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

After entering my Coke rewards I thought I would take a look at what I could get for my rewards. Scanning the list of choices, I found a reward for dining out. Well of course that is one of my favorite things to do, and I like coupons and gift certificates to reduce that cost.
Here is the web site I found.
You can enter your zip code or city you are interested in. You can then see the list of restaurants that are offering the opportunity for you to buy a reduced gift certificate. Be sure to read the fine print. Good certain days only, You need to spend at least a certain amount and some add the tip for you. But if you like to eat out once in awhile and like to reduce that cost take a look at the web site.

I Love Tuesday

Tuesdays are great, that is the day I wait for the mail man to come with my new advertising flyers for Albertson's and Von's. I grab them and run upstairs. Pop open a soda ( been in California too long, calling it soda. All my life in Minnesota it was POP, 3 years in San Diego and its SODA ) and then start to scan the ads. Oh what goodies can I find this week. As I search the ads I look thru my coupon treasure box.
I have tried different methods for organizing my coupons but think I finally came up with one I am comfortable with. Will share more on that in a later post..
Now back to the ads. First is Von's, I prefer Albertson's but Vons will double coupons so I will buy there when they have great deals and I have coupons to reduce it even more.
What I have my eye on so far is " Its Italian Time " I love spagetti and make a killer meat sauce.
They have hamburger on sale 80 percent lean for $2.49, Del Monte Tomatoes 10 cans for $10.00 and I have a coupon for a $1.00 if I buy 12 cans. They have Barilla Pasta on sale 10 packages for $10.00. I don't need that many so will grab 4 boxes. They have Classico Tomato Sauce on sale at 2 for $5.00. But I have checked out my cupboards and still have 4 jars of Ragu. Since we will be moving in 6 weeks to Texas will probably skip buying the Spagetti sauce for now. Okay I use Ragu or what ever but just as a base. By the time I finish nobody needs to know I started with a jar of sauce. Will post the recipe later for you. Also if I spend $10.00 I can get 18 Lucerne large eggs for 97 cents, a jar of Peter Pan Peanut Butter for 99 cents and a carton of Tropicall Orange Juice for $1.97.
Here is another great deal. When you buy 3 of the following items ( 8 Rolls of bounty, 12 pack of Charmin, Duracell batteries, Febreze, Dawn detergant and Gain laundry soap ) you will receive a coupon for $6.00 off your next shopping trip. I can use the paper towels, Toliet paper and Laundry Soap.I also have coupons for the Paper products. Well enough for now, will search the ads more tomorrow. Time to give it up and go to bed. Hope that you have a great night.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Walgreen Deals

Here are a few of the Walgreen deals now in March

ES 1) Axe Shampoo, Conditioner or Stylers, 2.64 or 12 oz. $6.99
Earn $6.99 Easy Saver Rebate (Limit 1)
Final Price after Easy Saver Rebate: FREE

(ES 2) Advanced Memory Formula, 45 Softgels $19.99
Earn $19.99 Easy Saver Rebate (Limit 1)
Final Price after Easy Saver Rebate: FREE

(ES 3) Walgreens Extra Strength Quickgels, 20 Pack $2.99
Earn $2.99 Easy Saver Rebate (Limit 1)
Final Price after Easy Saver Rebate: FREE

→IVC (Instant Value Coupon found in Easy Saver Rebate Booklet)
Colgate Total $3.49
Use $1/1 printable
Use $2.50 Instant Value coupon
Final Price: FREE

Garnier Hair Care (Shampoo, Conditioner or Styler) $2.99
Use $1/1 from 2-8 or 1-4 Red Plum Insert
Use $2 Instant Value coupon
Final Price: FREE

Glade Lasting Impressions $7.99
Use $3/1 Lasting Impressions from 2-8 Smart Source
Use $4 Instant Value coupon
Final Price: 99¢

Glade Sense & Spray $7.99
$4/1 from 2-8 Smart Source
Use $4 Instant Value coupon
Final Price: Free

Gillette Gamer Razors $8.99
Use $4/1 from 2-8 P& G Insert
Earn $4 Register Rewards
Final Price after Register Rewards: 99¢

Advil PM 16 ct. $4.49
Use $2/1 printable
Earn $2 Register Rewards
Final Price after Register Rewards: 49¢

Right Guard or Dry Idea Deodorant $2.99
Earn $2 Register Rewards
Final Price after Register Rewards: 99¢

Coca Cola 12 pk Products 4/$13
Earn $3 Register Rewards when you buy 4
Final Price after Register Rewards: 4/$10

Skinintimate or Edge Shaving Gel $1.99
Earn $1 Register Rewards
Final Price after Register Rewards: 99¢

Just for Men Touch of Gray $8.29
Use Mail in rebate to get $8.29 back
Final Price after MIR: FREE

Plus here are some deals for the week of March 8 to 14
I needed to buy Aluminum Foil, I priced it at one of my major stores but held off buying. When I got home found it available in my Walgreens ads this week for $1.99 which is a savings of $2.50. Both are off brands but that is okay with me.

Walgreens Link

Walgreens is another great site to check out.
They put out a weekly flyer with specials plus have a rebate book in their store monthly

Hot Free Coupons

To get your free sample of Betty Crocker Free Warm Delights click on this link hurry offer ends 5/31/2009

Print Your Own Coupon

Here is a site where you can print your coupons for cottonelle once a month

CVS Pharmacy

CVS is one of my favorite places to shop. Sometimes their prices are more but if you look carefully you can find some great deals.
here is their link

This week at Albertsons March 4 to March 10th

We just got home from Albertson Grocery Store. They had a great deal going on. When you buy $20 in participating P & G or PepsiCo products in a single transaction you will get a $5 coupon for your next shopping trip.
I was able to buy (2) Charmin Ultra bath tissue 12 big rolls, 4 Rice a Roni and 4 Pasta Roni to make up my $20.00 Had (2) coupons for $1.00 each to use on the Rice a Roni deals , (2) 25 cent coupons for the Charmin .
Monday's are always a great day to visit if you like their Rotisserie chicken. You get a salad and 4 dinner rolls free with purchase.
On the way to check out I spotted coupons for a $1.00 off a DiGiorno Pizza. They were on sale 2 for $10 so we grabbed two Pizzas.
Of course to get the best prices is to register for their store card. Be sure to do that if you have not done that yet. My groceries would of cost us $71.69 before I swiped by store card and used the coupons. We only spent $39.39. And to top that off I got $5.00 for my next shopping trip.
As of now I know of no rebates for Charmin or the other products I bought. Tonight I will do a search to see if I can find any. I like to keep some proof of purchase, especially for paper products.

Albertson Grocery Market

I love to shop at Albertsons grocery store. They often have wonderful deals. Take a look at my posts on the great deals I have found

March's Food Budget 3/1 to 3/7

Well it is end of the first week and I have already spent $127.32 this month on food. If I can match last months food expense of under $250.00 and reduce eating out I feel like I will be on the road to success. Now before bed I need to study the Grocery, Walmart , Walgreens, Rite Aid and Long drug store ads to see what bargains I can find. I have some can goods in the cupboard, a little frozen food but no meat in the freezer. I think I can do it. We like casseroles and homemade soups and I can make those last a couple of meals.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Shopping at CVS Store

Sunday March 8th, 2009

Like so many others I have always enjoyed shopping at CVS
Today this is my shopping experience there
Transaction 1

Coke 12 pk, 12 oz. cans 4/$13
Earn $3 Extra Bucks on 4 (Limit 1)
Final Price after Extra Bucks: 4/$10

1 Palmolive Liquid Soap 10 oz $1.49
Earn $1 Extra Bucks on 1 (limit 2)
Final Price after Extra Bucks .49 cents

1 Crest Prohealth toothpaste 4.2 ounce $2.99
Earn $2 Extra Bucks on 1 (limit 1)
Final Price after Extra Bucks: 99 cents

1 Vaseline Body lotion 10 oz. $3.69
Earn $2.00 Extra Bucks on 1 (limit 5)
Final Price after Extra Bucks $1.69

Bought the above items. After using a $1.00 coupon on the Vaseline lotion ( red plum 3/1 ) and 75 cent coupon on the tooth paste my total with tax and bottle deposit was $23.65.
I received 8 dollars in the above extra bucks. Plus the register added an extra $2.00 for a future body lotion item. So I walked out with $10.00 in extra bucks.

After shopping at CVS my DH and I went to Albertson’s to buy our Sunday paper. I bought a bundle of 2 for $2.20 so I could get an extra set of coupons. In the coupons this Sunday’s paper was a coupon for $1.00 off 3 General Mills cereal. Off to CVS again

Transaction 2

3 Boxes of General Mills Cheerios Honey Nut cereal 3 / $10.00
Earn extra bucks on 3 $5.00
Final Price after Extra Bucks $5.00 (limit 1)

Another Vaseline Body lotion 10 oz. $3.69
Earn another $2.00 Extra Bucks on 1
Final Price $ $1.69

Bought the above items.
My total was $13.69 before coupons
I had an extra $1.00 coupon for Vaseline lotion ( red plum 3/1 ) and the $1.00 off of 3 General Mills from Smart Source 3/8/2009
We used the $10.00 extra bucks I received from transaction 1.
Final total was $1.69 plus
And I walked out with $7.00 in extra bucks towards my next trip. ($5.00 on cereal and $2.00 for Vaseline lotion. The register did not spill out an extra $2.00 for body lotion.

So I spent a total of $25.34 today at CVS and have my $7.00 in extra bucks for next time.

Never to late to start

I believe it is never to late to start over. I am the mother of 2 sons, the step mother of 2 stepsons and 1 step daughter and to overwhelming pride the grandmother of 13 fantastic grandchildren. I have been married to a great guy for almost 20 years. We have had many wonderful adventures during those 20 years. We have had our good times and our hard times.

We are now going thru another difficult time. This year has been really tough for us. My internet business is down so income is down. Then to make matters even worse our landlords raised our rent an extra $110.00 a month.

Off and on I have kept a record of grocery spending and coupon use. No sooner will I start ,then I will quit doing it on a regular basis. I find myself doing the CVS game but not following thru. I will go to grocery store and use coupons, buy store brands and sale items. But I never seen to walk out spending very little money like I hear others doing. Lately I have been surfing the web and looking at different blogs where they are sharing how they save. They have a goal to spend only $25.00 to $35.00 a week. Then to top it off they are a family of 3 or 4. How do they do it? Here it is only myself, my DH and Spooky our cat. I wonder how can they do it. In February we spent almost $250.00 on groceries and that does not include the cats' special diet food. I don't even want to get into what we spent going out to eat in February, but it more than what we spent at grocery store.

Here we are in the first week of March and my goal is to be smarter with our food money and to eat out less often.

At the end of April we will be moving to Texas from California to be nearer family. We need to start spending less now since that will be costly move.
I would love to put money in a savings account. The experts say that we should have 6 months living expense in the bank. We do not even have a savings account let alone any money in it.

Every year we try to give some of our income to a church and to a shelter to help feed the hungry. This year we gave very little, not only were times tough but we spent foolishly.

Now is the time to start over. We are moving to Texas where I will help my nephew in his business. Not only will this bring in some income to us, I hope to be an asset in growing his business on the internet. I pray our own internet business will improve.

We will be closer to Minnesota and our children and grandchildren
My goals are to spend less money every month.
Start sharing what we have with the needy.
And start a savings account.

As I start on my journey, I hope that you will join me with your prayers, your ideas and maybe even some of your goals and desires for this year