Friday, February 25, 2011


FOOD PRICES ARE RISING.... The news is in the air in the newspaper and on the TV .. grocery prices are rising, the cost of eating out at restaurants will rise or have already.

Eating will cost us more of our hard earned dollars. How are we going to keep our food budget intact. Now is the time to get ready for the food budget battle.

1. Getcoupons organized if in a mess like mine.

I go back and forth between the coupon binder and the clipless method. Having the binder is more work I agree. Keeping it up with clipping coupons every Sunday is work, but I have come to the realization AGAIN that if I do not have my coupons with me I miss out on deals.
At this time I am once again redoing my binder with coupons and throwing out coupon ads that I am not interested in. Have you noticed all those ads for jewelry and cute little dog statues. They are adorable but I do not need any more STUFF.
The garbage bags are filling up with scraps of paper and the recycle bin is filling up with old coupons I no longer need or want. My grocery store does take expired coupons up to 3 months old but after that into the trash it goes. This week this is my goal, between now and Sunday I want it organized.
2. Making our weekly menus is a must. I love doing this and so does hubby. We have never tried so many new recipes as we have in the last weeks. I make it a goal to try at least one new recipe every week. This week it was a different recipe for Macaroni and Cheese. It was so good is now a keeper. Why would you buy a box of Mac and Cheese when you can make your own. It probably will cost more than $1, but the taste is worth it and I know what is in it. Yes it has Velvetta but I like to cook with Velvetta and there is a coupon out there to cut my cost. At this moment hubby is cooking his pea soup. It is friday, we will go do some grocery shopping and treat ourselves to lunch which includes clam chowder. Tonights dinner will be a bowl of pea soup.

3. Watch the price of groceries and make a price book. I am currantly working on making my price book of items we buy the most. Stock up when the price is down so there is enough to last for 6 to 10 weeks when prices are higher.

It is frugal friday .. what are you doing to be frugal? I will be sharing this Life At Mom
thanks for stopping by.. lets keep saving together ... and please remember
Never under estimate the value of a small amount of money.... Grace

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  1. Cheap recipe swaps are a great way to throw some changes into a broke food routine! I used a lot in graduate school.