Monday, February 21, 2011

Saved Quarter Challenge Week 7 Money Made On eBay

Well it is already week 7 of the Saved Quarter Challenge. Most of the tupperware that I had listed sold and I made some money. I also sold the Janette Oke books on auction at eBay.

No great sales but I need to always remember " Never under estimate the value of a small amount of money ". Sales totaled $93.46. After deducting the cost of the tupperware and Oke books plus the eBay and pay pal fees I have a profit of $33.72.

Some of the tupperware did not sell and will be relisted to give them one more chance. How are you doing with your budget and saving money. Do you sell on eBay or Amazon. I would love to hear your ideas and tips. I always enjoy hearing what others sell.

You can see how I did the other weeks by reading my previous postings about the challenge.

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Thanks for stopping by.. lets keep saving together... Grace

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