Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tip For The Day Pick Up Cans and Bottles

Tip For The Day Pick Up Cans and Bottles ... as we go for our walk if I see cans or bottles I will pick up and put in a bag I carry. Not only do I hate seeing the garbage but these cans and bottles can be turned into for cash.
When we lived in San Diego area there was recycle booths that you could go to . Once every couple of weeks I would stop and turn in my cans and bottles and then go to near by grocery store to get my cash. Some recycle stands would pay you in cash right on the spot.
The area where we grocery shopped was always clean of cans and bottles. This was one way many low income people help to support themselves. They would have daily routes they went on and made it their job.
Once while waiting my turn I visited with a man that was homeless. He told me he did this daily and then would turn the money into food to feed him and 2 other people. Of course some of it was turned into drink, since after they finished their day they would sit and have a cold one.
When we lived in Texas I found no place that you could turn in your recycling. It was picked up by the garbage company. Sadly the apartment complex we lived in did not even have recycle containers. I would bring to my sister's house or to the recycle bin in front of the grocery stores.
Now that we are in Minnesota I give my cans to one of my grandsons. He collects cans and saves the money for items he wants.
And should you find a coke bottle with a lid why not go to coke rewards site and turn in the rewards for points. My son saves his for big items I turn mine in for more coke products.
No matter what we do with the cans and bottles I just hope that they are recycled rather than being just thrown into the landfills
thanks for stopping by.. lets keep saving together ..and remember
Never under estimate the value of a small amount of money even it it is a couple dollars for turning in cans and bottles....

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