Monday, April 4, 2011

SAVED QUARTER CHALLENGE # 13 4/4/11 Selling on eBay

Thirteen weeks into the Saving challenge and even though I have not been able to cut back on my grocery budget we have been busy working to sell on eBay and Amazon. We spend several days these last few weeks out hunting for treasures and have found some success.

This last week we sold $79.00 before costs between eBay and Amazon.

Just a matter of putting in the time and a little luck finding the right items at the right price.

I will be linking this up at Saved Quarter Challenge.

Hope that you are doing well with your savings or earning program.
Thanks for stopping by.. Grace

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  1. Good work! It is nice to see eBay paying off for you. I just put all my kids' spring/summer clothes up for auction. I'll report back next week with my earnings.