Sunday, December 19, 2010

Not Your Every Day Sloppy Joe's ... Whats For Dinner Tonight Totally Yummy !!

I have shared this recipe before but never added to the food blogs so since it is on the menu for this week I am sharing again.

Tonight for dinner I am making one of my favorites. This is full of childhood memories. As a young girl in gradeschool my best friend was Patty D. Her mother would invite me and my sister over for lunch once in awhile and would make us Sloppy Joes. This is not your normal tomato soup Sloppy Joes. The taste is amazing and you really should give it a try.

Okay I have to admit I love Sloppy Joe's. Big Sloppy Sloppy Joe's . The meat sauce hanging out of the bun Sloppy Joe's. So here is my recipe...

Brown one pound of hamburger, spoon the grease off.
season to taste with pepper and salt.
To this I add 1 can of Cream of Chicken Soup ( Mrs. D also added a can of Chicken Gumbo soup but the thrifty side of me ignores this and they are still great).
After mixing this up real good I squirt a good amount of mustard and ketchup into the meat mixture. Continue to let simmer till nice and bubbly. Makes 4 Sloppy Joe's This will give us each 1 for tonight and 2 for another meal later in the week)

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There you go easy, thrifty and so tasty...
Thanks for stopping by.. Grace


  1. Love this. I am gonna make it tonight for supper. The kids will eat their weight in it, I am sure. Thanks for linking up!

  2. This is an interesting take on traditional sloppy joes and sounds delish!

  3. Sounds interesting and worthy of a try. I bet we would love it.

    Found you at HHE carnival. Would love to have you stop by my blog and you can join my Tip Day Thursday carnival too if you'd like.

    Around My Family Table

  4. Now that's a recipe my kids can love!

  5. That's a great recipe. Really similar to what a make usually once a month.

  6. Thanks for linking up to Real Food Wednesday. I just want to suggest that you use non-conventional meat (pastured/grass-fed meats are much safer and more nutrient-dense) and organic creamed soups (to avoid trans-fats and corn syrup!)
    Thanks, :)


  7. Thanks to everyone who commented. Organic would be better for us health wise but we are on a tight budget and have only so much for food and I make every dollar go as far as possible. Think of this... 1/3 of our retirement income goes for our health insurance. That does not include co pay and priscriptions.
    I hope every one has health insurance and if your company pays for it be thankful. Save now for retirement while you are young. Some day you will be retired and pinching pennies if you do not plan ahead.

  8. this is really an interesting take on sloppy comforting. thank you for sharing with tuesday night supper club!

  9. Super yummy looking! Just wanted to let you know that I am starting a new weekly linky party on Jan 7th called Fun w/ Food Friday. If you have time, I would LOVE for you to come link up some of your delicious recipes!

  10. I would like to elaborate on the point Kelly the Kitchen Kop was so very gently trying to make. You have linked this recipe up to several food blogs whose stated purpose is to share *real* food recipes (not processed food like canned soup). Monday Mania, Real Food Wednesday, and Pennywise Platter Thursday. (You can read further inside each of those blogs to learn more about their food philosophies, which are similar.) Not saying you have to cook along these lines, everyone makes their own choices, but if you're going to link up then I would think blog etiquette would be to make sure you're linking up an appropriate post.