Thursday, December 16, 2010

Things I Do And Can Do To Save Money

While I was drinking my coffee this morning ( at home ) and wandering around looking for new blogs (to me), I came across the Nourishing Cook and her blog post from yesterday. I have found that the best way for me to find new blogs is to become part of a blog party and then choose a few to read.
Here is a plug for one of my favorite blogs to find new people to read Real Food Wednesday
Well I am always on the hunt to look for ways to save money so off to her site I went to see what she had to say. 25 Things I do to Save Money over at the Nourishing Cook.
1. We have already gotten rid of our land line and bundled cable and Internet connection # 9 on her list.
2. We cook at home a lot more and eat out less which of course saves us a lot of money # 6 on her list. I agree it is a lot healthier than eating out. There portions are way to big.
3. We also brew our own coffee and rarely go to a coffee shop. Hubby does not like the fancy blends ( Folgers for him) and I buy my flavored coffee creamer on sale. I do have to admit while Christmas shopping yesterday I did buy a medium Mocha coffee using white chocolate. My goodness what a treat but a $4.00 treat. #10 on her list.
4. We do not go out shopping unless it is something we really need and then we price compare and if possible by used.. #5 and # 7 on her list.
5. We are cutting back on meat, instead of 1 pound of ground beef we are cutting back to 3/4 pounds. (not noted on her list but I guess it is part of her eating at home savings)
6. We buy our books at used bookstores or thrift stores and garage sales.
We sell books on eBay, amazon and on our own site.
These we have to find in good condition and mainly at thrift stores and estate sales.They have to be specific books and not the common titles.
I do not have a kindle and will not get one. They are the killer of the used bookstores plus the economy is hurting the used bookstores also. Support the independent business owner by shopping there once in awhile. # 5 and #11 on her list of saving money.

Other ways we save money

7. We do not use cash machines unless they are hooked to our bank. I hate ATM fees and would only do so in an emergency.
8. We use cash only no credit cards so no finance charges other than our car payment. We use our debit card if buying something or paying something on line.
9. Using coupons when possible but I do not buy something just because of the coupon. We price compare products.
10. Drive a used car rather than buying a new car. Drive off the new car lot and money is thrown out the window immediately. Would of been perfect if we had been able to save up the money and paid cash for the car. I did buy used from my nephew Brett who buys and sells cars in Houston so I did get a good deal.
11. Hubby pays the majority of our bills on line which saves postage costs.
12. We no longer drink Alcohol or smoke that saves us a ton of money and is improving our health.
13. We rarely go to the movie theater and mainly watch movies on no additional cost cable tv or buy at garage sales. We do not have HBO etc.
14. I do register my coke rewards that gives me some free coke, but I have not bought any coke to bring home in a month or more which is saving us $30.00 a month. I get my rewards when I buy it as a special treat or from sons.
15. We buy our gasoline from independant gas stations that can save us 02 cents to 10 cents a gallon. Plus we attempt to consolidate our shopping trips to cut down on gas.
16. We shopped for car insurance and saved $ this year.

What we can do to save money that we have not as of yet.

1. Start making my own refried beans, Nourishing Cook had a posting on Tips for making of Beans, but no recipe for her refried beans. I have never made refried beans. I never ate them till about 2 to 3 years ago, when we lived in southern California and the Houston Texas area. I have slowly fallen in love with them and now on the look for a good recipe.
Now guys please do not laugh. I grew up in northern Minnesota with lots of white colored food. Mash pototos, Mac and Cheese, Chicken gravy and even lutefisk ( never ate it ) My idea of Mexican food was Chi Chi's until then.
2. We plan to look for ways to cut our health insurance cost after the first of the year by shopping for a new policy and upping our deductible.
3. Start using swagbucks for searches more than the other big name search engine. I would love to work towards get gift cards

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