Friday, January 28, 2011

Frugal Friday Keeping $10.00 In My Wallet By Not Falling For Traps At The Grocery Store

Friday already ... hard to believe the days just fly by. It is time for Frugal Friday. What did I do this week or even today to show that I can be smart with my money by being frugal?

Today I saved $10.00 by not falling into the food trap at Cub Foods. There was a deal today buy 10 items for $10.00.

If you look at the list of items you will find many items listed that I have seen this price or even cheaper. So why buy them today when they may be cheaper next week.
None of these items were on my menu for next week and I did not really need them, so no reason to pull out $10.00 from my wallet.

So today I know that I saved/ did not spend $10.00 at the grocery store unnecessarily.

What have you done this week to be frugal or to save money?

I am posting this at Frugal Friday at Life At Mom check out others frugal ideas there.


  1. There was an interesting show on TV the other day about supermarkets (I started to type 'grocery stores,' but when was the last time you saw one of those?) and all the tricks they use. The bakery sign in your photo reminds me of something I thought of just last night. Sure, the sale price looks good, but how does it compare with the original price. Target (and yes, they are cheaper than most supermarkets) had a juice I love on sale. They put tags over the original price on the shelf edge. I was curious, so I lifted the sales tag and looked and sure enough it was only a big fat 5 cent savings. Wow.

  2. thanks for your comment, it is so true the tricks they try to play on us is amazing. I watched that show also. Was from their side of view and how great the stores are but would love to see a show on how they try to trick us into thinking prices are good, All we need is a price book and keep track our selves and buy at the best price. Thanks again for your time to make a comment.

  3. Stores can be tricky, that's why we always have to be one step ahead of them. I don't fall for the 10 for $10 either, but I wonder how many people do.