Monday, January 24, 2011

Menu Plan Monday 1/24/11

Menu Plan Monday Whats For Dinner Saving Money Eating At Home.. planning our menu helps wonder what's for dinner every night question.

We went to the twin cities to see family and my girlfriend this weekend. This took two nights we did not need to cook at home so I did not use 2 of my last weeks recipes and they will be forwarded to this week.

Monday will be a new recipe to me from a cookbook that my girlfriend gave me to use till next visit to her house.

Chiliwagon Wheel Casserole .. recipe to come
Dinner with one of the sons and grandchildren
Hamburger patties, potatoes and veggie

Lasagna soup from the freezer with warm bread
Grilled Cheese with tomato soup and chips and dip
Spaghetti sauce from freezer over pasta with warm bread

left overs
I am sharing this at Monday Menu Plan
Thanks for visiting me today.. lets keep saving together.. Grace


  1. Wow! Lasagna soup sounds good! I've never had that before!

  2. Give my recipe for Lasagna soup a try. It will be a keeper. I plan to add a little more spice next time

  3. Yum, I'm getting hungry. I will definitely make the lasagna soup. There are many great recipes that are quick and easy to prepare at: Many people are so strapped for time with our busy lifestyles. I hope you enjoy these recipes.