Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lets Be Weird The Dave Ramsey Way Wednesday

Lets be Weird the Dave Ramsey way Wednesday. What have I done this last last week to be weird.

Being weird and not like the " Jones"s is making our life so much better.

Our debt is hospital bill from my September illness... thank goodness for my health insurance .. expensive but boy am I glad I pay those monthly bills. I have had people tell me when I complain of the cost to just cancel it and take my chances. Wrong at any age especially when you get older you do not need to take chances. Hospital bill ended up around $50,000. Would you want that hanging over your head. Not me I will take the less than 1,000 we owe and make monthly payments to pay off.

Our other debt is a car payment and I dream of getting that paid off earlier.

So we are weird because...

We have no credit cards. We are not slaves to the lender.

We are paying our own health insurance instead of buying new furniture, new cars, going on vacations, buying new clothes,. We are not taking chances with the roulette wheel of health issues.

I plan our menu for the week and shop smart. Buying what we need only unless I find a good deal to stock up.

We do freezer cooking .. tonight was our homemade spaghetti sauce over pasta and garlic bread. Bread was bought for $1.99 at Cub Foods.. divided into four pieces. One tonight and three into the freezer. That is 50 cents a meal for warm tasty garlic bread. Spaghetti sauce came out of the freezer. I believe this saves us money. Meals are planned and no chance of saying " Lets Go Out To Dinner " several times a week.

I use coupons on needed items when best deal and use store brands when they are the best price.

I pick up pennies when I see them " See a penny pick it up, all day long you''ll have good luck".

We do not buy lottery tickets or go to local casinos. Gambling would be a saved up trip to Las Vegas. Planned and paid in cash. That is not even in the plans for some time.

We buy gas at the cheapest known place without going out of our way.

We are on the cash basis for food, entertainment and gas. If the cash is gone we are done for the week. I am even attempting to cut our weekly food budget and putting the difference in our emergency fund. I want a 1,000 in this fund. At this time we have about $200.

Are you doing anything different than "The Jones", To you want to be weird financially also. I hope so.

Thanks for stopping by... lets keep saving together and please remember

Never under estimate the value of a small amount of money .... Grace

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  1. You're doing so much better than most. I'm trying to do better and pay off what we can so we don't have to be a slave either because it is just a pain to feel like you're never digging out.