Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipe Hubby's Recipe ROCKS!!

Thanksgiving Stuffing .. oh how I love my hubby's stuffing. His recipe makes me melt. Last year we were in Texas and he offered to make it and bring it to my nephew's home. Yes it passed the "Brett" ( nephew)test. He had 3 huge servings and sadly we left most at his house so I had very little left overs. This year we will eat at my stepson's home and I am hoping that he makes his father's recipe. Time will tell. Will let you know. But in the end Thanksgiving Dinner is all about family and sharing around the table.

Savory Sweet Life gives her recipe. Ours starts with her recipe and then he adds an extra bag of croutons using sage spiced croutons, 1 more Chicken broth and then 3 Jimmy Dean Sausage. And NO Egg in our recipe.
Thanks for stopping by. Grace

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