Friday, February 11, 2011

10 Things We Can Waste Our Money On Every Day

This article was on MSN today ... 10 Things You Waste Money On Every Day
So many of us are living on budgets that are tight. We look for deals on food, clothing and household items. But every day we spend small amounts of money that we may not spend if we were to add up our yearly cost. Just by cutting down some of these items could save us thousands of dollars.

Lottery Tickets .. do you dream of a big win...
With mathematicians estimating your chance of winning a lottery jackpot at around 1 in 13 million, it's safe to assume that you'll never win the big one—or even win back all the money you've spent on tickets over the years. Every time I think of buying a lottery ticket I step back and realize it is really throwing away my money.
Expensive Coffee Drinks
We love our coffee, but many pay a high price for it. Driving by the coffee shops I see people sitting at the tables drinking those expensive cups of coffee. Yes they are yummy.. twice this year I have treated my self to a mocha coffee, but after finishing it I think was it really worth the $4.00 I spent. Just think if you spend $4.00 every day on these coffees that it cost over $1,000 a year.
News stand Magazines
Sometimes while I stand in the grocery line looking at the magazines. I have to admit that there are a few times I have picked up that magazine at $4.99 or more. Once I get home and read the magazine I think " What a waste of money". You can get subscriptions that will give you these magazines for less but even that seems like a lot of money to me. Every once in awhile hubby and I will go to the mall and go into Barnes and Noble and sit for an hour looking at the magazines that interest us.
Dry Cleaning
can be very costly. I take my winter coat in once a year but other than that I buy clothes that are washable.
Premium Gasoline
Many believe that they have to have premium but could you get by with regular gas.. read the article for more on this.
Movie Concessions
I hate to admit that we rarely go to the movies and if we do go it is to an afternoon movie at a cheaper price. And I always want a soda and popcorn . The price of a soda is what I would pay for a six-pack at the store. I guess all of this is why we just stay home and watch TV or rent a movie.
Workday Restaurant Lunches
We no longer work out but those daily lunches can be fun but oh so expensive. Better to bring your lunch. Not only will it will be cheaper but probably less calories.
Professional Manicures and Pedicures
There is nothing like having my nails done. I would treat myself to this while living in Texas every few months. The prices were reasonable. I moved to northern Minnesota and called up the nail saloon at the mall for a price. $60.00 to $80.00 to have a pedi cure. No way I just take care of my own feet and my hands. When I visit Texas I will visit Rosie and I can have both done for about $35.00. I miss you Rosie.
High-Priced Grooming Products
Okay we all know that the products in the salon are so much more than what we find in the drug store. And in the drug store we may even get CVS bucks or Walgreens Register Rewards to spend on other products.
Premium Cable Channels
It is unbelievable to what these premium cable channels can cost. We get basic cable and that still costs more than I would like, but I want more than 3 channels to watch.

Can you see any of these items that you spend money on that could be avoided or at least cut back on so you could put that money on debt or into the bank.

The two areas I need to watch myself on is the magazines in the check out line and maybe a mocha coffee every once in a while.

Thanks for stopping by.. lets keep saving together.. Grace

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