Thursday, February 10, 2011

Grocery Shopping Roundup 2/10/10

Another week of grocery shopping ... this week included diet coke for a super bowl party and I bought an extra one for us as a treat.

Super One
2 24 packs of Diet Coke $5.95 each
2 margarine 49 cents each

Total out of pocket $13.82

Cub Foods

2 jars of store brand gravy $1.49 each
2 cans of store brand mushroom soup 98 cents each
1 store brand egg noodles $1.49
1 package of skinless chicken breast $2.99
4 pounds of ground beef $2.99 a pound
Ham steak $1.36
5 pounds of potatoes $2.49
1 loaf of french bread 99 cents
1 loaf of bread $1.49
milk $2.99

total oop $30.70
trip to Walgreens details here.

total oop Total out of pocket $3.97 and I have a $4.00 register reward to use next week

total spent this week $48.59
total this month so far $89.28
left of monthly budget $150.72

I will be sharing this at

Homemaking Mom

Frugal Follies

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Thanks for stopping by... lets keep saving together.. and please always remember
Never under estimate the value of a small amount of money... Grace

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