Monday, March 21, 2011


Savings Challenge update #11 ... this last week we have been working to increase our Internet sales by going out and hunting more often. We have found a few fairly good books and have been busy putting them up for sale. Some have already sold already. Here are some fun cook books we found this week end at an estate sale.

They all have been listed for auction on eBay, so hopefully we will sell some or all of them.

We had a total of 7 sales this week on eBay and Amazon which brought in $85.00 before fees and cost. Here are just two of the books we sold.

This money will be spent looking for more items to sell and some will go into savings.

It has and will be a tough couple of months. We just spent money from savings to fix our brakes and the van is still may need some work. Taxes are due in less than a month and there is some shortness there.

So motto around here is work work hunt hunt and sell sell.

How did your week go with making more money or saving money.
I will be sharing this over at Savings Quarter Challenge

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