Sunday, July 3, 2011

Menu Plan Monday 7/4/11 4th of July Picnics and Easy Simple Meals

Time to plan out our menu for the next week. Monday will be the 4th of July and we will are going to a church picnic on a lake. We have only been going to this church for a few weeks and do not know any one real well except of course my step son and his family. Should be a good time to get to know some of them a little better. We are planning to move to another apartment by the end of the month and if financialy possible will move in about  week early. I am busy packing up what I want to keep and parting with items I no longer want or need. We have had a garage sale and made over $300.
Sold some items that were vintage that I did not want to deal with $10.00
We have been buying items at garage sales and reselling at the weekly auction
Selling items on eBay that I bought at the auction ( book lots of cook books and art books ) Some are up for auction and will close tonight and some are fixed prices and will hopefully sell soon.
All and all we are busy and moving fast most days to pack, sort and make money that is needed. This weeks menu will be very simple and easy as we continue with packing for our move.


Monday ( picnic) Fun in the Sun
Tuesday Chili home made ( will make extra and freeze extra meals )
Wednesday Grilled Cheese sandwich and Tomato soup with crackers
Thursday Ham and Scalloped potatoes with vegetable
Friday Tuna Fish sandwiches and chips
Saturday Kickin It Up Penne Casserole with vegetables
Sunday ( simple night eat any left overs )

Hope that you all have a wonderful holiday weekend. I will be sharing this over at Menu Plan Monday

Thanks for stopping by.. Grace

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Summer time is pasta time for me.. this week I was craving tuna salad. I always keep my tuna fish in the refridgerator so it is cold to start with and add a can of peas to cool at the same time.
This time I grabbed a half used box of pasta. Pasta a little larger than what I normally use but who cares. Use up what I have in the house and get it cooked and cooling off.
A few hours later we are eating pasta salad and all I need to add to my plate is a piece of buttered toast and I am a happy girl.
You can add what you like to a pasta salad. Some like onions, cheese or celery. Around here we are pretty plain salad. I would add the celery if it was in the house. No onions for me.
This small amount is all that is left to take a picture of. Hope that your week end is going nicely. We are getting ready to see what garage sales are open for the holiday weekend.

Thanks for stopping by.. Grace