Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Menu Plan For Week ~ Whats For Dinner Saving Money Eating At Home

This weeks menu plan is late, we were in the twin cities for time with family and friends and to do some hunting for STUFF to resell. Great time with family and found some great items to resell on eBay, etsy or Amazon.

This weeks menu starts with tonight
Wednesday is Orange Teriyki Beef over noodles see yesterdays blog
Thursday is Meat balls with gravy,mash potatoes and left over bake beans.
Friday is Tomato soup with grilled cheese and chips
Saturday Enchiladas from the freezer ( last weeks left overs) with refried beans  recipe posted a few days ago.
Sunday is left over Teriyki Beef with noodles and what ever left over buffet

Breakfasts will be eggs and toast or cereal
Lunches are soup and sandwiches

Hope your week is full of wonderful eats and happy memories. Grace

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