Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Weird Wednesday ~ Living Within Our Means 10/17/12

I want to be consider weird, I want to live within my means. I want to be able to pay cash for what I want or need for my family.

There are three ways to Live With In Your Means...

1. Increase your income
2. Sell some assets
3.Decrease your expenses

Pretty hard to decrease the expenses, every thing is real tight as it.  Hubby and I are always on the hunt to buy items to resell on eBay, etsy, and Amazon.
I would like to add an extra $850 a month to the income or $213.00 a week. This would be money to travel to twin cities more to hunt, to put money away to travel next winter, additional weekly money to add to entertainment and to have a budget for clothing. This is not in our base budget because of tightness.
Monday night we were at an auction and I bought 5 boxes of vintage cook books and recipe books. Invested $115.00 from pay pal account.  This week I will be working to see how may I can list on eBay to sell.

Last week we had a fairly good week on eBay. One thing I sold was a great 1970s vintage men's suit as a buy it now for $60.00 before expenses.  All the money from sales last went to buy the cook books at auction and to travel to cities to see family and friends. And on the way home we stopped at three thrift stores and found some great books for resell. 


Well time to get busy listing some of those cookbooks on eBay for auction.   Thanks for stopping by to visit. Do you sell on the Internet to add to your income. Grace

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