Saturday, October 20, 2012


Last Monday we were at a local auction house about 150 miles away from home. Weekend spent with family and friends ended at the auction house on Monday night. 450 items for bid during the night. Lots of sport cards, signed foot balls, glass ware and art work. I had my eye on a few items but they all sold for more than I was willing to pay. I have to buy right to be able to sell so I have my limits of purchase price. Last on my list of things I wanted was 5 boxes of vintage books, mainly vintage cook books. Cook books from 1890s to mid 1950s.  My buying price was some where between $60.00 up to $100 for these boxes. There is a 15 percent buying premium added to purchase price. It was between me and some dude at the end. His bid was $95.00 I went to $100.00 and going going gone, no sound from the other side of the room and the boxes were mine.
Mine, mine all mine. Next move was to pay for them before leaving with my pay pal card. Sign for my purchase and I will get 1 percent back from pay pal. Not alot of money but my belief is NEVER UNDER ESTIMATE THE VALUE OF A SMALL AMOUNT OF MONEY.
I spent Thursday and Friday afternoon listing the first ten cookbooks from these boxes and sent them up Friday night on eBay for auction.
I shared the titles on my For the Love of Junk blog site last night. Take a peek if you like. I believe my $115.00 was a good investment but I have a lot of work ahead of me.
Do you buy and sell on eBay, Amazon or Etsy. My second income comes from all three sites with eBay being number 1 in sales right now.

Sitting on my desk is the next 5 to list on eBay and send up tonight. I love the cover art on this book.


Well back to listing my cook books, have a great weekend and happy hunting for treasures for your collection or to resell. Grace

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  1. Would you consider simply selling the whole lot to me I'm a collector and was recently in Florida and just fell in love with American cook books and would love this to be my next area of collecting.