Thursday, April 18, 2013

Grocery Shopping and Meal Plans 4/18/13

Snowing again and feeling the desire to just cook, read and stay warm.  Prepared grocery list, found coupons and headed to grocery store.  Made one small trip yesterday for eggs, milk, butter and ice cream . Today did the main shopping trip at Cub foods.
Got all of this for $91.24 saving 24 percent.


Largest dollar amount was meat. We have a pot roast that will give us several meals, buy one get one free chicken breasts, 3 pounds of ground beef and bacon to top of the meat purchases.

We will put a pot roast in the crock pot tomorrow morning. From this we will get dinner and have left overs for hot beef sandwiches, maybe some fiestas and if anything left will turn into barb q beef sandwiches.
Hamburger will make meat loaf with left over being used for hash for breakfast. Beef and Bean enchiladas and calico bean hot dish.  Chicken will give us at least 4 meals, planning on chicken and vegetables for one meal and planning on trying a new recipe with some of the chicken.
Breakfast will be eggs and toast with bacon, pancakes and maybe French toast. Lunch is sandwiches and soup or left overs.
Most of what I bought should last over a week with only needing some milk, eggs and fruit to round of our meals

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