Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Do you ever get bogged down with trying to come up with ideas for dinner. Dinner does not need to be take out or frozen packaged food from the grocery store.
 Make a list of about 20 favorite recipes. Write this list on a piece of paper out of a note book
or on the computer and print out. Post this on your refrigerator.
Decide which of these would be good for double batches to freeze when a quick easy dinner is needed.
Make a list of ingredients you need for these meal ideas.
Check your pantry and refrigerator for what you all ready have.
Plan the weeks menu around this list, what is in the pantry and what is on sale at the grocery store.

One dinner idea in our home is meat loaf. I can have two meals out of one meat loaf since there are only two of us. Bake some potatoes with the meat loaf. Later in the week add potatoes to the meat loaf and you have home made hash. Double recipe if you have more than two in your household.

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