Friday, October 23, 2009

Budgeting Our Financial Future

I was over at Pocket Your Dollars reading about her financial situation and I can relate totally with her.

We got our selves way over our head in debt. We now are living with no credit cards and have very little debt. We are working on a budget and if there is no money we are done spending.

Our biggest problem is, with the cost of health insurance which we have to pay our selves and life insurance there is more outgo than income.

There is somethings we have to do without. We can not give gifts like we would like to do to our children and grandchildren. There is no traveling for now and I do not go shopping, except for grocery deals and to thrift stores to look for items to sell on the Internet.

Our one entertainment is going out to eat mainly at lunch time and this has to stay within our food / entertainment budget of $125 a week.

We listen to David Ramsey on the radio and have his books. Our debt is lower than it was but we borrowed to buy a used car recently rather than buying a $1,000 beater we should have saved for.

Our goals for now is to save $1,000 emergency fund and then pay off the car as fast as we can.

This weeks update. .. We did poor. Went over our food / entertainment budget by $20.00. Does not sound to bad until I see that more than 3/4 of the budget went to eating out.
Savings for emergency fund is $110.55
Balance needed $889.45

We are trying to work extra hours at our part time job with my nephew, to build our Internet book business and as we have done the last two years we will work part time for H R Block.

I will try to give updates on Fridays on our progress and I hope that you will join me.

This week I have to admit we went out to eat way to often. Easy to do when you are out hunting thrift stores and estate sales during the day time.

I would love to hear from you and how you are doing with living within a budget.

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