Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Recipe Collection

My recipe collection is like my coupon collection in a three ring binder. It has recipes in my hand writing, my friends or mother's handwriting and recipes clipped. All are put into mylar pages.

Recipes that I have not tried are in a folder and stuck into binder.
When we find one we like it goes into a mylar page and added to the others.
Some of these recipes go back 30 years and are reminders of those I use to work with.

Fun memories as I look thru my recipes. I also love to buy and sell cookbooks on eBay. As I wait
to sell them they are also fun to search through for recipes to try. How do you keep your
collection of recipes. Are you daring to try new things or cook same recipes over and over like I
tend to do.

Thanks for stopping by.. Lets Keep Saving.. Grace

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