Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thrift Shopping Is An Adventure

staskym shared with me that she uses this internet site

I have had this site on my favorites list and used it when we lived in California and even used it when we were traveling in our motor home.
I search the thrift stores mainly to find items to sell on my ebay site and on amazon and abe.

This is one way we suppliment our income since our retirement income does not cover all our basic needs.

This is one of my favorite finds recently. Hubby said why are you buying those pictures. I told him I loved them and if they don't sell we can turn our bedroom in " French Romance". He just rolls his eyes at me. The one thing we do not really need is Art work. Well I am happy to say I listed them and sold them for a nice profit.

Thift stores are a great place to change the decor of your home, find an outfit almost new and of course books and movies.

Why buy new when you can find used in wonderful shape. Of course there are things I will never buy used. But there are so many items I buy at a thrift store, garage sale or estate sale.

I love looking for ways to saving money on my groceries and eating out. Hope that I can be helping you as I help my household

Thanks For Stopping By... Lets Keep Saving Together... Grace

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