Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tidy Tip Of The Day : Set The Timer : Go Sort Receipts

Take 10 minutes... set the timer and go do something to tidy up.

I set the timer today and went through a packet of receipts I had packed up when we moved from Texas.

There they have sat on my desk just waiting for me to sort out since August.

Hubby wanted to know if I had anymore receipts for our eBay business.. I thought No, I have given them all to him.

BUT I eyed the packet of receipts .. what did I find.. not just some old store receipts, dining receipts, deposit slips, business cards but BUSINESS RECEIPTS.

Only ten minutes and I accomplished something I had been putting off sorting for month.

thanks for stopping by... hope to see you again soon and please remember never under estimate the value of a small amount of money.. grace

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