Monday, July 25, 2011


I love cookbooks. I love to buy and sell cookbooks. I love to read cookbooks and once in a while I even love to try out a new recipe.
Every time I go to an estate sale, thrift store, garage sale or auction one of the things I look for is cookbooks.
 Recently at an auction I bought a box of cook books for $3.00. Now of course I knew that in this one box was 3 Barefoot Contessa and 1 Baking with Julia ( Childs) and that all were sellable. That $3.00 purchase brought in over $30.00 from eBay auctions. I had a group of Taste food magazines up for sale on eBay last week. Some sold some did not. They will be relisted tomorrow and hopefully will sell second time around.

At another recent auction I bought a large box full of small cooking recipe booklets. It is full I have not even started to count how many I have.
Some of the oldest ones are Recipe Book by the St. Paul Daily News Home Economics Department priced at 25 cents when new. I see no date but I am guessing the 1940's by the picture of the stove.
Then there is a copy of A Primer of Modern Cooking by the Home Institute The Duluth Herald. This is copyrighted 1934.
The third one is The War Time Cookbook 500 Recipes, Victory Substitutes and Economical Suggestions for Nutritious Wartime Meals. It is copyrighted 1942.
Another one is one I have had in the past. Aunt Sammys Radio Recipes Revised by the Bureau of Home Economics. Issued May 1931 for the price of 15 cents.
There has to be over 100 little recipe books. Cookies Galore, Kerr Home Canning Guide, 20 Famous Cranberry Dishes and even one for Famous Maple Recipes from the Vermont Hills.
Hours of reading and money to be made on eBay. Next time you a box of old recipe booklets take a peek you may just find a treasure. If you have a minute take a look and maybe even bookmark my eBay auctions and store items. You may find a treasure now or in the future.
Come back soon and see what else I found at same auction that is sellable on eBay and this box is not cookbooks.

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