Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Today is Tuesday and that means it is senior day at many of the thrift stores. After a round of errands this morning at the antique store ( stocking the shelfs with new finds from last night's auction), going to post office to mail off eBay sales and then to another auction house to pick up a check it was time to hit the thrift stores.
By this time it is after 1 and we are getting hungry. Since we were heading to a near by town to go thrifting lunch was at a real " dive " of a bar. It is a dive and they are proud to say that. This little bar was even part of drive ins, dives and diners. They have a largecheeseburger that is so huge hubby and I share it and share an order of fries. Add two sodas and lunch is $9.00 before tip. Hamburger is fresh and very tasty.
Next stop is the thrift stores. We find a total of 3 books to resell, two for hubby and one for me. The next thrift store hubby found a collectible Hallmark of 3 train cars to resell either on eBay or at the antique store.
The last thrift store gave me a vintage Samsonite traveling case for only $2.99 minus my senior discount of 20 percent. This also will be resold some where.
So we had a busy day but full of treasure hunting. Hope that your day was full of treasures also.
Thanks for stopping by.. lets keep saving together .. Grace

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