Sunday, July 24, 2011


Hello every one, hope that your day is going great. We are having a much cooler day and I am spending it unpacking and looking out the window at our beautiful Lake Superior.
Sunday afternoon and time for me to plan our meals for the next week. With the move money is extra tight and just waiting to see when landlord will meet with us for the walk through so we can get our rent deposit back from old apartment. That money needs to go back into the savings account for upcoming bills. Will be happy when it is sitting there. There is always the fear she will see something wrong and not give it all to us. We also paid a non refundable pet deposit of $300. We moved in to that apartment the beginning of last August and our darling Spooky the cat passed away beginning of October. I shared this with her when giving noticed and asked her to consider returning some of the pet deposit. Time will tell. On top of all that we are waiting to see if we will be charged cancellation charge at the past cable company. We can not have a dish here since there is no balcony or patio to put it on. If we are not charged that fee we will be ahead $250. That would be a great help for sure.
So with all of this going on we will have a frugal meal week using what is in the house and buying no more groceries than necessary.
Tonight ( Sunday ) will be left over hamburger warmed up in brown gravy with a handful of mixed vegetables added. This will be served over mash potatoes
Monday we will go to the auction so will have tuna salad with toast when we return home

Tuesday tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches and potato chips
Wednesday Fried chicken, potato salad and beans
Thursday left over tuna salad since we will probably go to another auction that night
Friday Pizza night at home will use a frozen pizza that I bought last week
Saturday left overs
With this menu I will have to buy very little food. We need to pick up the fried chicken, potato salad and some beans. Other than that we should be fairly good for the week.
I will be sharing this over at Monday Menu.

Thanks for stopping by .. lets keep saving together Grace

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  1. Glad to hear you are settled in your new place. Your menu sounds really good and I hope all goes well with your deposits being returned.