Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WALLET FRIENDLY WEDNESDAY Finding Fun Free Entertainment

Our entertainment does not always need to mean spending alot of  money. Rather than going to the movies or any other entertainment that costs money there are fun things to do that cost nothing or very little.
Just going to the park and watching people or reading can be fun. Maybe bring a picnic lunch and feed not only your self but a few of the birds.
I like to wander down to the beach with my chair and read for awhile.
Many cities have free summer concerts, check this out before the summer disappears.
Ok you like wandering the mall it also can be Free or inexpensive entertainment. We like to wander into Barnes and Noble and read magazines for 30 minutes or so. Walking the mall can be good excercise. The secret is to not make spur of the minute purchases.
I noticed today that there is a vintage boat show this weekend over in Superior Wisconsin and it is FREE. Hubby loves boats so we will attempt to stop over at the boat show after garage sales.
Hope that all of your are enjoying your summer. Thanks for stopping by.. lets keep saving together.. Grace

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