Sunday, August 28, 2011

Garage Sale Find Nautical Ship Vintage Rhinestone Jewelry Found

Good morning everyone, happy Sunday
Yesterday was another garage sale day for hubby and me. We started out with newspaper in hand. I had listd the closest 6 garage sales in order. Each one was a dud. Either their was nothing for us to resell or it was so over priced there would be no money to be made. My rule of thumb is double at least. If it is a larger priced item I lower that goal at times.
As the day waned away we started to find a few items. Garage sales can end any where from 12 to 2 so hunting has to be fast and fierce.
At one sale hubby spotted 2 lamp shades. One would go on a vintage lamp we put into our home. Once on we have decided not quite perfect, to large maybe. Will remain till I find another one to my liking. Second lamp shade was a brown wicker one. Hubby said he would put on the auction table and hope to make a little money. I was not so sure. But must of been karma because at end of day I spotted this nautical ship that was a lamp. These do sell at the auction house. And it was missing its lamp shade.

Here it is cleaned up and sporting the wicker lamp shade.  It will go to the auction house in September.
As the day ended we stopped at one of our last sales. They had advertised decoys but were all sold old.
On the check out table were baggies of jewelry. Colorful rhinestone jewelry she had bought years ago from a flea marketer seller. Best of all it was end of the day and she was dealing. I got all of this for $25.00. The silver colored piece needs work but otherwise everything is ready to be sold at one of my three outlets ( eBay, antique store case or auction house).  No marks on any of the pieces but still pretty and desirable.
These are just a few of our found treasures. Thanks for stopping by to visit and hope to see you again real soon.. Grace

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Tonight dinner was quick and delicious.  Sloppy Joes my way not your normal tomato base sloppy joes.
To my fried hamburger I add a can of cream of chicken soup, ketchup and mustard to taste and some salt and pepper.
Before you know it dinner is ready. Sloppy Joes, some beans and a few chips and pure comfort food.
Yum Yum

Hope that your evening is going great.. thanks for stopping by.. Grace


While fall is now in the air there are still lots of garage sales listed in the newspaper or on craig's list. It seems everyone is trying to get their garage sale done or even an extra one accomplished.
I grabbed the newspaper and hubby is on Craig's list. Together we make out a list of some of the sales we will go to.
It is now Saturday and we have all ready been to garage sales on Thursday and Friday. Thursday is quiet but there is always a few here and there. Friday and Saturday the main hunting days for us.
Rules are have gas in the tank, some water in the car, small bills in the wallet and aways know where the closest clean bathrooms are in every area of town.
Main goal is to find clean useful or vintage items we can resell either on line or at local auctions. If it is really cool it may even go to my case at the antique mall.
Some of my finds that will be passed on are 4 vintage dolls ( I have washed their faces so they look a little more desirable). They were a $1.00 each at a garage sale.
next is a vintage Big Boy bank. Cute and collectible. Not big dollars but hopefully I can make a profit. He came from a church sale benefit for kids with cancer. $2.00 is more than I would of liked to pay but good cause and maybe I will get some profit.Also found a small oil painting for $3.00 plus other items to sell including some costume jewelry.  All of these will be in a local auction after Labor day.
Hope that you are having a great garage sale season and if you are reselling I would love to hear your stories.
We have even found some items for our new apartment home. We are decorating mid century. Perfect for two seniors who lived mid century. Those were great times. Great music and first crushes. Oh the memories. Some days I share these stories with my granddaughters. Some of them are shared too often and when they repeat them to me we both have to laugh.
I will share some pictures of my mid century finds soon.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.. Grace

Friday, August 12, 2011


It has been a sad week for our family. A week ago tonight I received a phone call that my brother's wife had suffered a heart attack and had stopped breathing.
Hubby and I rushed to the hospital to be with my brother. Rachel was only 55 years old and she left us on Monday to go on with our lives without her. Today is her memorial service. We know that she is in a better place. She will not suffer any more with pain or illnesses.
No longer will we see her smile or hear her say " I love you ".
I do not understand why she had to leave us so soon, but God knows. And until we meet again I am just thankful that she was in our lives for the five years we had her love.

Thanks for stopping by and please pray for my brother David and Rachel's children.

Friday, August 5, 2011


Going to the weekly auction two times a week is on our entertainment / work schedule. Every once in a while during the summer we have another auction at a sellers home. Those can be the best and also can be the most exciting.Wednesday we had an auction in a great neighbor. Doctor and spouse moving to another city. They had beautiful things from art to collectible glass to home items. Lovely furniture and everything between including a collection of Greatful Dead items.
The only problem is the auctions are long, outside and unless you bring a chair you usually stand most of the time. Sometimes you can find a place to rest on a step of the porch.
You can meet and watch alot of interesting people and just watching some of the bidding can be fun. Things can go for hardly nothing and then some times you wonder what are they thinking. It can be easy to get caught up in the bidding and over pay. Now if it something you really want okay but if you are planning to resell than care needs to be taken. We watched some collectible Peanuts a 5 book set go for about $100 to $125.  I am not a Peanuts collector but if I could of bought at a steal I would of bought to resell. I knew that would not happen and I was right. The runner up bidders quit at $95.00 and were disappointed. I leaned over and whispered they probably could find on line at Amazon for about that or less. They were excited and thankful to hear that bit of news.
What I did want was a set of Sherlock Holmes in slip case and we got them I am happy to report. Paid a fair price and will resell.  But until they sell they are mine and are displayed on my living room side table.
Then there was the table of books. Most of the books were common novels. There were a few by local writers or photographers. I would of loved one of the photography books to resell but it went for more than I wanted to pay. But the best part is I had spent a little time looking at the books with my cell phone in hand. I went to Amazon and put in the ISBN to check prices. Some were pennies and others were a few dollars. Then came the treasure. There was a copy of " A Mirror of Nature Nordic Landscape Photography 1840 to 1910 ". Meant nothing to me but after searching the number I found 3 copies selling on Amazon for over $600.  Found this unbelievable so went to Abe books and found there were 3 or 4 copies also selling for over $600. At least one of the sellers are different from the Amazon sellers. The auctioneer would grab about 10 to 15 books for the bidding.  I was bidding against others when this book came up. No one knew what the others were interested in. That can be good and then can also be a problem if wanting different items. I did win this book paying a small price for it.

So treasures can be found everywhere. It probably will take a long time to sell this book but I can wait for the right buyer to come along to want this rare treasure of photos.
Thanks for stopping by... lets keep saving together.. Grace

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I like to have some order in my life, just like so many others. Some times it is necessary to get back to the basics of keeping a moderate clean home, food preparation, errands and laundry.
Today I am sharing what I think can be a great plan to keep the home clean. First off it is important to ask for help from your family members. Since it is only hubby and me it is up to us but things to stay fairly clean around here.
There is several layers to keep my home clean.
Layer 1 is things I need to do every day like making the bed, washing dishes or loading dish washer, picking up around the house and taking out the garbage.
Layer 2 is things that need to be done twice a week vacuming or sweeping if you have hard wood floors like we do, watering plants, wiping down bath room
Layer 3 is more of a deep cleaning once a week job . This could be mopping floor, polishing furniture, getting groceries, doing errands and doing laundry.
Layer 4 is items that are considered special projects. Washing windows, cleaning the stove, cleaning refrigerator and what ever else you may have on your list.

I like to look at as layer 1 is about a half hour a day,
 layer 2 can take about half hour so I try to pick one of these to do it in order during the week
layer 3 could be done on Saturday if that works for you. We usually do these items during the week as time allows. We do errands as we are out on our runs to the thrift stores to hunt for treasures to resell. Laundry can be done while I am home and working on my computer. Grocery shopping is usually done Sunday after church or maybe Fridays after going to garage sales. What is important is to plan and attempt to keep up with the plan. To make my lists and carry them with me.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading some of my ideas on keeping up my home and that you will come back again to read some of my other ideas. Grace